“F1 is also fine without Ferrari”

F1 Ferrari

F1 without Ferrari? Unthinkable right?

Recently it came out that Ferrari absolutely does not threaten with a departure from Formula 1. That is to say that Ferrari threatens again with a departure from Formula 1. It is the famous trick of team Red if it does not get its way about something . In 1986 the Italians even went so far as to develop an IndyCar car. It was not possible for the 637 to participate in IndyCar races: Ferrari got her way to use a V12. To the delight of anyone who has ever heard that thing.


In 2004 it hit again. In the year that the team under the leadership of Ross Brawn, Jean Todt and Luca di Montezemelo wins everything, it acts against measures that seem to aim to break through hegemony. Among other things, the FIA ​​wants to introduce test restrictions and distribute income more equitably among the teams. Di Montezemelo suggests that Ferrari could also set up its own series. The profit in this fight goes to the FIA ​​in this case. In 2005 the Italians without a chance, partly because the Bridgestone tire that should last the entire race does not work and cannot be developed unrestrained.

In 2008 Ferrari competes against the single engine and in 2009 against the budget cap that should go into 2010. It will be glorious victories for the Scuderia. New teams Lotus (later Caterham), Marussia and HRT smoke a heavy pipe. With their Cosworths they have no chance for several years. When their function as field fill is completed, they disappear through the side door of the stage.

When it appears that Ferrari has missed the boat in the new turbo-hybrid era, it looks at years of hopeless bumps. The engines are “frozen” on paper and can only be improved sparingly via a token system. It is therefore impossible to catch up with Mercedes’ lead. From Ferrari comes the message “that they can also go to Le Mans”. The restrictions on developing the engine will be abolished. Not that it has benefited much below the line.

And now it is time for the next annoyance for Ferrari. It is an old enemy in the form of a budget cap. Then year later, the FIA ​​and the rights holder still want to work through it. Ironically, two former Ferrari honchos are now the ones hurting Ferrari: Jean Todt of the FIA ​​and Ross Brawn of Liberty Media. The betting is high: only a meager 100 million will allow the teams to spend. Ferrari wants to cooperate a little, but hopes that the limit can be set at 175 million. So the parties are still a bit apart, to say the least.

For the time being, however, Ross Brawn does not seem to want to give up. Opposite Corriera dello Sport, he indicates that F1 can do without his former boss:

You can also race with 18 cars, or even with 16 cars. I hate to see them leave, but the presence of Ferrari is not essential to continue the World Cup.

Ross Brawn, Liberty Media

Whose deed. Who do you think will be the winner this time?


  1. fokke1982 says

    When Ferrari leaves, F1 will be as exciting as Formula E (for me then).
    I would rather follow the WTCR, MotoGP or another racing series with fewer (complicated) rules over and over.


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