Faketaxi with 525 hp surprisingly compact (and fast!)

Fake taxi with 525 hp

This 525 horsepower faketaxi is secretly a heavily pumped Mercedes.

Mercedes and taxis. We know the usual jokes. It’s actually more of a compliment than a ‘joke’. The fact that a taxi is chosen stems from proven quality. Even the occasionally problematic W210 and W211 you often see passing by as a taxi, the first one as’night taxi‘. They are slightly more resistant to abuse from drunk guests and the associated anti-peristalsis. You don’t want such a sour Hertog Jan & Shoarma cake in your new W213, of course.

For today we have a Mercedes taxi again, but different. On the side of the car we see a very large ‘Fake Taxi’. For the people who are not familiar with Fake Taxi (probably everyone), that is a serial or documentary that was made with a very low budget, but attracts many viewers. The short television series clips seem to be known worldwide. AB viewers have seen the stickers on the Mercedes S63 AMG in the My Car category:

Fake Taxi with 525 hp

This Fake Taxi also has 525 hp, but is considerably tighter. Not only that, thanks to the bucket seats and roll cage, the car is also more impractical. On the other hand, thanks to multiple places to hold yourself, multiple positions should be possible to take a seat in this car. Incidentally, that is not what Posaidon protects against. The German tuner is responsible for this Fake Taxi with 525 hp. The full name of the car is Posaidon 4 RS 525.

  • Fake taxi with 525 hp
  • Fake taxi with 525 hp
  • Fake taxi with 525 hp
  • Fake taxi with 525 hp
  • Fake taxi with 525 hp

324 km / h!

The basis is the Mercedes-AMG A45S 4Matic + (W177). The M139 four-cylinder has a new turbo and ECU. The result is 525 hp and 600 Nm from one two liters prop shooter. The performance is really bizarre. Acceleration from 0-100 km / h takes only 3.4 seconds. So you have to be careful not to be thrown against the rear window with your bare togus. The top speed is a barely comprehensible 324 km / h. 324 !!! That’s really crazy fast for a C-segment hatchback, let alone a Fake Taxi.

  • Fake taxi with 525 hp
  • Fake taxi with 525 hp
  • Fake taxi with 525 hp

Modest rims with a lot of rubber

Now the car is quite similar to the chaste version of Posaidon. This one is suitable for the circuit. A KW Variant 2 coilover kit has been fitted for better road holding. In addition, the Posaidon A45 RS 525 has new rims. These are not so much as large as possible, but as light as possible. Therefore the diameter is only a modest 18 ″. The width is 9 inches, a little less. The OZ Formula HLT rims weigh only 9.8 kilograms each. The Nankang AR-1 semi-slicks should provide extra grip.

  • Fake taxi with 525 hp

Safety Posaidon A45 RS 525

Should it go wrong with the rubber, there are additional safety measures. For example, the Posaidon A45 RS 525 is equipped with a Wichers roll cage. To keep the occupants in place better (why would you want that), there are four-point harness belts. The latter must be your taste, but some people seem to love it. Partly because of this, the car is equipped with leather upholstery. Not only because of the preference, but also because it is very easy to clean. Probably.

Lap time Posaidon A45 RS 525

Posaidon has already been on the Nordschleife with the Fake Taxi. Conditions were not ideal. Contrary to what you might assume, it was too wet and too slippery to set a fast time. Including fuel in two occupants, the car weighs 1,700 kg. AP Racing forged brakes with six pistons and 363mm discs should provide plenty of stopping power when it isn’t wise to tear through.

  • Fake taxi with 525 hp
  • Fake taxi with 525 hp
  • Fake taxi with 525 hp

It was estimated that they have already driven a 7:30 am and will return in the summer with fresh rubber to finish the ritual by 7:20 am. Naturally, a movie will be made of this that you are not allowed to watch in the boss’s time. Hopefully.


  1. dutchdriftking says

    He’s fine. And the yellow color is also very good!

  2. SpeedGeek says

    I find it cringing and desperate. People who put such stickers on their cars.

    I mean, if you are an Uber driver you can just stick a sticker like that behind your window instead of putting a very big “Fake Taxi” on your car …

    • silverscope says

      @SpeedGeek: you know immediately that there is someone behind the wheel who is too stupid to shit.

  3. viezefreddyw says

    That whole Fake Taxi thing was terrible when they started it a few years ago. Now it is completely milked out and therefore even worse. Just stop.

  4. blackeye says

    I wonder what he can draw.

  5. Ot92 says

    They had it a few weeks ago at AutotopNL (Youtube). Then he did 450hp or something. At 100-200km / h it was only half a beat faster.ov standard… Hopefully it is now a lot smoother than standard.

  6. Teerdz says

    Does the conversion kit / fake taxi also have a price, or does it have to be announced?

  7. boss1 says

    has also been pumped in that taxi otherwise that name is not correct

  8. dalmore says

    324km / h is very respectable! Is it theoretical or tested? And what would be the difference

  9. snap acid says

    … Two adults and fuel and then 1,700 kg. Is going to need almost all 525 hp to get out of place quickly.

    • beer belly says

      @knapzuur: I was also surprised, 1700kg clicks very hard for an A-class

  10. toyotafortuner says

    For when you are really an attention-grabbing courier


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