Ferrari disagrees with this GTO homage

Admittedly, we don’t quite get it either. But to immediately want to destroy this Ferrari 288 GTO homage?

We need to talk a little bit about Ferrari. With all due respect, it might just be the car company. The impact of each Ferrari is undeniable and everything they do is sacred in some way. Yet the undersigned and many others fail to gain sympathy for the brand. The reason is very simple: they blow very high off the tower.

Cease and desist

A good friend of Ferrari is the cease and desist letter. This letter is sent to projects where one or the Ferrari name is used for something Ferrari does not agree with. Then the problem comes to light: Ferrari does not easily agree with third parties and their products. Varying from names to body kits and tuning: it can all be given the well-known C&D letter.

7X Design

The latter is bad news for a small British firm called 7X Design. They recently released a coachbuilding project called ‘GTO Vision’. Customers can send a 488 GTB as a donor car and then build a completely self-designed body around it. It is a mixture of many Ferrari designs, ranging from the spoiler of the FXX K to the grilles behind the rear wheel of the 288 GTO. Beautiful or not: it is certainly unique. Also expensive: you have to deliver a 488 GTB yourself as a donor car and buying the GTO homage will cost you more than 1.8 million euros.


7X Design had to remove all traces of their Ferrari GTO homage. Ferrari decided that in a new legal battle. Under cover “Do not try to argue with stupid people: they will just lower you to their level and defeat you with experience”: the lawyers of Ferrari have more often with this ax and it will not be easy for 7X Design to get out without too much financial damage. The problem lies of course in the use of the Ferrari logos and indirectly also the GTO name. Especially those logos are of course something for Ferrari to fall back on.

Statement from 7X Design


7X Design wants to fight for the right to coachbuild with the Ferrari name. According to them, companies such as Zagato, Novitec and Pininfarina run the risk of getting into a financial thunderstorm. It still seems somewhat double-sided to us if 7X Design has not had contact with Ferrari for the use of their brand name. On the other hand: Ferrari can turn a blind eye, right? (through 7X Design on Instagram)


  1. ericc says

    Beautiful is different, but if you are the owner you do what you want with your car!


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Ferrari disagrees with this GTO homage

Admittedly, we don't quite get it either. But to immediately want to destroy this Ferrari 288 GTO homage? We need to talk a little...

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