Fisker Ocean has a capacity of 305 hp

New images and information electric SUV

Fisker ocean

The reborn brand Fisker announces more information about its electric SUV Ocean. We can now finally view the model from all sides.

Fisker announces new information about the Ocean, an electric SUV with a driving range of around 480 kilometers. We now also know the power of the car, namely 225 kW (305 hp). This is the most powerful version, which is equipped with two electric motors that drive all four wheels. Accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h is possible with this version in about 3 seconds. There will also be a variant with one electric motor, of which no figures have been announced yet.

With a length of 4.64 meters, the Ocean is slightly shorter than, for example, a BMW X3, but at the same time a lot wider and lower than most other cars in the mid-sized SUV segment. The Fisker has five seats and a trunk with a capacity of 566 liters, with the rear seat down there is a maximum of 1,274 liters of cargo space available. The interior is made from recycled and natural materials. A 16-inch touch screen adorns the dashboard as a supplement to the digital set of instruments and the head-up display.

Reserving a car for a deposit of 250 dollars (225 euros) has been possible for some time, also for those interested in the Netherlands. Deliveries begin in 2022.

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