Five things worth knowing about Ford SYNC4

Ford introduced SYNC4 just a year ago; the new multimedia system debuting in the Mustang Mach-E. Later it will also be available in other Ford models. But what are really interesting novelties? Time for a closer acquaintance.

1. More powerful than ever and future-proof

SYNC4 was developed in collaboration with the Dutch chip manufacturer NXP. The system is twice as powerful as SYNC3. Via over-the-air updates the operating system is improved from time to time and new functionalities can be introduced. Ford indicates that the current computing power is not yet fully utilized, so that the interface in your car does not suddenly become unusable after a few years, as is often the case with old smartphones.

2. Set up your car before delivery

It is possible to configure your car remotely via the FordPass Connect app. Even before you have received the car at all, you can already load your preferred settings into the system. This is a novelty that we have not seen in the competition before.

3. Intelligent driving range

In practice, we see that some interfaces of EVs are more intelligent than others. In some cases you still have to look for working charging stations yourself. SYNC4 in the Mustang Mach-E works much like the system we already know from Tesla. The navigation automatically plans the most optimal charging stops during a longer journey. The car calculates the range in a different way than is often usual. Not only the current driving conditions, but also the predicted weather for the trip is included in the projection of the driving range, for example. Handy, because EVs can be quite sensitive to temperature differences.

4. Focus on intuition

Ford has fully focused on ease of use with SYNC4. The upright screen in the Mach-E measures 15.5 inches and works just like your smartphone, according to Ford, so using the system should take little getting used to. We have seen many functions on the market before, such as ‘over-the-air’ updates and an extensive voice assistant. The brand is therefore not really a pioneer, but says that it has mainly focused on the optimization of these technologies. Of course, a driving test will show later whether Ford has been able to live up to this promise.

5. The car will get to know you automatically

Another aspect in which SYNC4 differs from the previous system is the integration of Machine Learning. Thanks to artificial intelligence and a constant connection to the ‘cloud’, the car recognizes routine actions, such as frequently occurring destinations or phone calls. He then tries to anticipate this in advance.

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