Flammkuchen! New cowardly attack on unlimited Autobahn

They do not sit still those environmentalists.

Not too long ago we sighed with relief when the German parliament voted against a limit on the Autobahn. In these difficult times for car enthusiasts, such a message is good for the soul. In the Netherlands, after all, we have to move along country roads with a snail’s pace. It is nice to know that if you have to go to Groningen from Limburg you can just blow through the Heimat. Will you arrive sometime on time.

But unfortunately! The environmental lobby never rests. Through the back door, people now try to force everyone to be slow. After the “NEIN NEIN NEIN” of the Bundestag the left lobby is now trying in the Bundesrat. In this indirectly elected German governmental body, the reform of the German traffic rules will be discussed next Friday. Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) intended to focus this mainly on promoting bicycles, et cetera. In the meantime, however, there is also a recommendation from the Environment Committee on the table to lower the speed limit on the Autobahn to “130”.

Fencing with this recommendation, the German Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND) demands that the Bundesrat makes it clear that, unlike Scheuer, it understands that road safety and climate protection are the most important goals of the reform. Read: drive slow homie, you never know homie … you need to pump the brakes and drive slow.

The whole story has already caused a stir in Germany. FDP traffic politician Oliver Luksic finds it highly undesirable that a speed limit could possibly become “through the back door” a reality. The CDU has even launched a petition against a limit on the “Bahn.” It has since been signed by more than 170,000 people. In response, the environmental lobby also started a petition before a limit. This also yielded quickly 110,000 supporters.

The polarization is really with our eastern neighbors, but the expectation is that the limit will not come there anyway. Not even now that the German ANWB has given up the fight for the preservation of the “Bahn”. In the meantime, we naturally do our best not to give the polemics extra fuel with tendentious parts. We will, however, continue to objectively defeat developments as always.


  1. caspert79 says

    Can’t a province or state be reserved for that left-wing gear where they can practice their left-wing hobbies?

  2. foam mouth3 says

    Does not work. Americans also thought when they stopped all environmental crazies in California. They still regret it. Certainly because almost everything must meet the most absurd requirements because manufacturers do not build per state.

  3. King James Version says

    Never! But let them present these kinds of retarded things. All the more that left-wing rascals are cornering themselves.

    • often you’re too scared says

      In fact, there are no rational arguments for not having a certain speed limit (at what speed that should be, I leave aside). In that sense, proposing a speed limit is the opposite of retarded, whether you like it or not.

      • 560hp says

        @often you’re too scared: okay, then do a limit of 280. Combined with the German fines you can, except when you let your Veyron out, actually always shelves

  4. benja01 says

    Speed ​​limits are experienced in the same way as Americans and their possession of weapons.

  5. Shaw says

    Calling the jokingly Bahn all does not help Techzleje. The contemporary reality in which we all live is imprinted with a car-divine neighbor with only an advisory speed. And it works great, let’s be honest. The fact that driving is fast in Germany has an effect on other European countries, certainly neighboring countries, including us! Almost impossible to imagine but imho it is true. And, speeding is a sense of life, it is also the legitimacy for fast cars. If that were to disappear … “you only know what you’ve got when it’s gone.” So AB didn’t bite so much and respect your elsewhere.

    • RiKe says

      @Shaw: it works great because driving on the Autobahn is part of the driving lessons. And I thought a slip course too. That is also a big difference with the Netherlands, here you are released on roads that regularly run under speed limits thanks to traffic jams or snapping left scraps, and if a drop of rain falls (or snow) everyone is scared and the whole country is in a grid lock because nobody knows how to handle it

  6. pvg100 says

    @jaapiyo I got that reference. As well, do you have a link for the petition against the speed limit?

  7. sirdrinksalotofpetrol says

    Great, that she will learn to pollute the air at 200 km / h with those gore diesels and gasoline engines. Only electrowagies unlimited, the rest lifelong in jail because of attempted (indirect) murder because of the pollution of our lungs …

  8. pablo1971 says

    Apparently, Germans have the discipline to reasonably adhere to the rules on and off those unlimited pieces. This is in contrast to the Netherlands, where many people behave like a semi-blind, a social and egoistic left-wing occupier.
    And where the state controls the entire country with draconian fines, thresholds, roundabouts, narrowings and other restrictive measures. everything under the guise of safety. The only problem is that the majority of the victims fall due to a faulty layout along the (80) km of roads, and many are sacrificed against those beautiful trees and in canals and canals.

  9. technician sir says

    A good start starts with yourself. Humans themselves are bad for the environment. So if all those environmentally crazy people are making themselves out of their way .. Good for the environment, and the normal down-to-earth man can continue to live quietly without complaining.

  10. Lumberjack says

    I really am a petrolhead and drive a lot in Germany for my work. But actually if you look at it soberly, this is of course no longer possible in 2020. Look at your consumption for a trip to hamburg, let alone my emissions. Anyway, as long as it can gas on that lolly!

  11. Bara says

    How many of the AB readers live or work in Germany? No one? Then your opinion doesn’t really matter, does it?


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