Follow these 6 tips to get first

With these six tips you get the longest hose and so you are in first place in the ranking on your iPhone or iPad. tips

Not so long ago there was, in which your goal was to become as big as possible in a playing field with countless other players. The creators of wanted to make a similar game and looked for inspiration from the old Snake. This turned out to be a great idea, because the game is a huge success.

The snakes slither through the field and break if they touch someone else. Be careful and eat as many balls as possible to grow into a huge beast. With the tips below you can ensure that you end up in first place.

1. Stay close

If there are too many snakes around you, there is only one place where you are really safe: close to yourself. While you shouldn’t touch another snake, slipping all over yourself isn’t a problem. In case of danger, it is best to turn around and stay close to yourself. Just be careful not to get too small, because then there is a chance that you will be trapped by another snake.

2. Include others

Locking in someone is the most important tactic to be able to slurp up a large number of luminous spheres. Carefully try to completely surround smaller snakes so that they have nowhere to go. Then make sure that you make smaller and smaller circles, so that the smaller snake has less and less room to move and thus has to bump into you at some point. Be careful not to make circles that are too small, because then your head is free for the smaller snake to bump into. In addition, be careful that a large other snake does not surround you while circling.

3. Use boost

If you press your screen twice in quick succession, your snake will advance a lot faster. This is very useful if you are trying to lock someone in. Do not use the boost immediately in that situation, because that is too obvious. Boost the last bit so that the smaller snake has no chance to escape.

You can also use the boost to dive for another snake or to get to glowing spheres faster. However, it often goes wrong there, because you are never the only one who rushes towards the glowing balls. So take a good look around you and brake on time.

Be reckless

A tip to be reckless does not sound very logical, of course, but there is a logic behind it. When you’re little and things go wrong, you only lose a little bit of time. So dive in front of a larger hose, even if there is a chance that it will go wrong. Be a little crazy. Later when you grow up you must of course be careful. tips

5. Switch controls

You can control in two ways. You can just hold your finger on your iPhone or iPad and direct the snake in one direction. This way you can react the fastest to the situations you encounter. However, you have less overview, because there is always a finger in the way. A snake would just crawl under that finger. You can also steer the snake by pressing your finger on a specific point. This is a lot less precise, but it gives a lot more overview. It is useful to alternate both controls for the best playing sessions.

Find the large snake

It can be super helpful to stay close to the large snakes you come across. First of all, because those large snakes often leave glowing balls that you can pick up nicely. In addition, small worms often bump into the large snakes, where you can gobble up the remains. And perhaps most importantly: if a large snake breaks, you are the first to get the loot.

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