For example, Apple will warn you about leaked passwords

In iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, we can get to know the new CarKey feature, get a new home screen, and Apple is also making some major changes to the iCloud Keychain. Users should soon have access to more useful information about their passwords.

For those unfamiliar with the iCloud Keychain, it’s the place where all your passwords from different websites and apps are stored and synced to the cloud. The option is similar to third-party tools like LastPass and KeePass, except this password manager from Apple is directly embedded in the operating system of the iPhone and iPad.

Users can find Apple’s password manager on an iPhone or iPad by going to the settings then tapping Passwords and accounts.


In the new operating system from Apple you will soon find a new menu with recommendations for passwords. It will only show the passwords that are high risk to your account for any reason. These can be simply weak passwords, which are easy to guess, or passwords with a common pattern such as 123 or ABC.

Apple’s revamped password manager specifies what’s wrong with the password for each individual account, helping you understand what is meant by a strong or weak password. Some of these features are already available in the current version of iOS and iPadOS, but will be more prominent in the successor of the operating system.

Password leaked

A warning in particular will be very useful for users, namely the one who warns you that your password has been leaked and has become hackers’ hands. You not only know that you have to change your password immediately, but also that other accounts are at risk if you have used the same password for this.

Apple will regularly compare a derivative of your passwords with a list of passwords involved in a data breach. Your specific password will never be visible to Apple, the company said. If Safari detects a leak, you will be immediately notified with the request to create a new, more secure password.

In addition to the adjustments to the iCloud keychain, Apple also comes with Touch ID and Face ID support for Safari, so you basically no longer need a password to log in to websites.

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are expected in the fall.

The iCloud Keychain can be found under Passwords & Accounts in the Settings app.

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