For sale: a bizarre electric occasion on Marktplaats

If you can guess what it is before clicking the article, you can designate yourself among the elite of the automotive world. This electric occasion is very bizarre and unknown.

In the EV10 days of 2020 we try to find out as much as possible about electric cars. But the real knowledge of enumeration is being tested just as massively today.

Electrical history

The electric car is the same age as the car itself. Electric was an option from the invention of the three / four-wheeled carriage. The technology was shelved until some electrical projects emerged in the 1980s and 1990s. From major manufacturers, but also from manufacturers you’ve never heard of. We find a perfect example on Marktplaats. In any case, the undersigned has never heard of it. It looks like a tiny Pontiac Trans Sport of the petty thief model. It is quite different.


The creation is quite the opposite. The Trans Sport is a practical MPV. This El-Trans City EL is a one-seater. Let’s start with the basic question: what is an El-Trans City EL?

We know Denmark from one car brand: Zenvo. Bizarre: the country is known for high car taxes, a lot of bicycle traffic and the most windmills per capita in the world. You don’t expect a 1,200 hp supercar from such a country, rather something like the City EL. It was conceived and built by the Danish El Trans A / S. It is a tiny electric covered tricycle. With room for one, so.

Almost cool

Not even a bad concept on paper. In fact, there are some cool aspects to the City EL. So goes an F-16-ish canopy up to get in. Also the motors power the rear wheels, so this thing is just RWD! And of course low weight. So far where you as a petrolhead might still have gotten hot.


Because basic is an understatement. A dashboard is almost completely missing. There is almost no interior space and the entrance is as low as a supercar. In a Lamborghini Aventador you take that for granted, but with 5 hp, the Mini EL does not come close to that Italian supercar. The 0 to 100 time is not available, because the City EL can only reach 40 km / h. You are not allowed on the highway because of this top speed. Should it be allowed, try to reach it with a range of 55 km (EPA). As a city car, that is fine. At the time, fast charging was absolutely out of the question, so the small battery has to hang on the charger for a while.


The City EL that is for sale is one of the cheapest electric used cars on Marktplaats. It is for you for only 5,500 euros. The previous owner (s) only dared to drive 14,000 km. Do you dare to help this tiny city squatter – on car license plate – further? Then you can go to the Marketplace advertisement of the City EL.


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