Formula 1 may get a big turbo boost

Formula 1 turbo boost

Does a turbo boost in Formula 1 boost the popularity of the sport?

The great thinkers of Formula 1 are very busy. For hours, nights and days they ponder how they will make Formula 1 interesting again. That while we at the editorial office can write it all down on a beer mat in fifteen minutes, but that’s it. Where we would simply go for a whining atmospheric multi-cylinder and a container with less aerodynamic downforce, the top men (m / f) must of course (?) Also think of boring things such as the environment, costs and technological relevance.

With those kind of fun spoilers it becomes more difficult to come up with a nice formula. Nevertheless, something new will have to be presented before 2025. That is the year where the current V6 engines are scheduled to retire. The ambitions for the new generation are high, as can be seen the words of Liberty Media’s technical brain Ross Brawn at Auto-Motor-und-Sport:

We have to be CO2 neutral, the costs have to be reduced and the noise has to be right.

Ross Brawn, mega brain who is a fan of brain teasers

You would say an impossible task. But Gilles Simon, who used to be an engine developer at Ferrari and Peugeot and now the FIA ​​man in charge of the engines, thinks it is possible:

We can benefit from the experience gained by the technicians over the last 20 years. With that knowledge in your pocket, many things can be designed much more simply.

Gilles Simon, not a Garfunkel frenemy

Simon wants the electrical share in the total power of the engine to increase. But he also wants the combustion engine itself to be about ten percent more efficient. In addition, there is a problem that owners of a middle class with a turbo engine will recognize:

We work on engines that run as lean as possible at full load. In a road car you almost never use full load and the consumption is therefore mainly determined at partial load. That is why engines for road cars are tuned to be economical, especially at partial load. It is much more difficult to achieve the same economy at full load. That is our task. We think we can still gain ten percent in this.

Gilles Simon, prefers to let the new generation of motor gurus work under full load

Finally, Simon also thinks about giving the teams more freedom in when they can use the electropower. Now that is a strictly regulated amount per round. If that is released, drivers could, for example, save energy and then use it in one go to pass someone. Liberty Media is apparently already completely satisfied. Just like in other technologically advanced classes such as the former ChampCar championship * cough *, you can show on TV who is saving on this ‘turbo boost’ and who has already run out of power:

With current technology we can make something like this clearly visible to spectators on TV. They can then see when the drivers are using extra power, or who still has a lot in reserve.

Gilles Simon, secretly thinks Formula E is very cool

Do you have faith in this direction of the sport? Or are you afraid that the sound will die again on the altar of the modernization urge? And when will you set up the new Formula 1? Let us know, in the comments!

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  1. smijsie says

    It gets much better with just less downforce

  2. rolov says

    There was a time when I really thought F1 was the pinnacle of auto racing. I have really gotten rid of it now. Personally, I think the lemans and the 24h nbr are the top. Keep your stuff intact and exciting until the last round. Yes I understand the criticism of the big boys in the factory cars. But the classes below it and especially on the ring are really great.


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