French elderly man blasts at almost 200 km / h on the highway

Lamborhini Huracan Gendarmerie

With sixty years of driving experience you may feel invincible, but that doesn’t mean that you can drive at 200 km / h as a French elderly person.

A corona vaccination: a lot of people want it, but not many people can do it yet. Unless you live in Israel or the UK, then. Countries first vaccinate the elderly in society, because they are the most vulnerable. This is also the case in France, where it was an 88-year-old man’s turn for his corona prick.

Apparently this Frenchman is no longer good at telling the time – or he would have fallen asleep – because he was too late. And instead of calling his doctor and asking if there was another time, he decided to hurry. And to drive way too fast.

Our French elderly person was in fact flashed at almost 200 km / h, near Bischofssheim near Strasbourg. The police flashed him at 119 mph. They reduce this to 181 km / h. The maximum speed there is 110 km / h, so the best man drove no less than seventy kilometers per hour too fast. That’s already a dangerously fast speed for younger people on such roads, let alone if you have the reflexes of a sloth.

The police did not appreciate the nearly 200 km / h of our French elderly person so much, so his driver’s license was collected. He now not only misses the corona prick, but also a bit of freedom of movement. “For everyone’s safety, let’s respect the speed limits, even if you have over sixty years of driving experience”, shut down the police.

Photo: Lamborghini Huracan & Ferrari 458 Speciale van @ BVDBSpots7.

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  1. moveyourmind says

    It seems too coincidental, but I’m really not making it up …

    The same thing happened to me, I was also put aside when I was on my way for the Corona pepper. In addition to a sky-high fine, I received an unconditional driving ban for three months.

    And that only because I had adjusted my speed to be at the doctor exactly in time for the Corona pepper …

    They found no excuse to drive 0,0003 kilometers per hour on the highway.


    • mc96 says

      @moveyourmind: I also have to get a corona pepper later this year. It comes very close like this.


  2. Charles Taycan 4S says

    Oops! I’m just not saying anything… .😜

    • cossiekiller says

      If the battery is empty, yours will be even slower than Moveyourmind’s. 😅


      • Charles Taycan 4S says

        Haha! No, that was with the 991 S… .., 😜 in FR,…

  3. joosstra says

    Very generalizing to attribute to people of 88 years the reaction capacity of a sloth.

    • jcjc says

      @joosstra: humor value commenter. Humour!

  4. motorhead says

    No less than, dangerously hard, thought this was a site for car enthusiasts …
    Until recently, it was common in France to drive a little further. Sad that they didn’t just let that man do his thing.

  5. 50mchljn says

    I think it’s a good story.


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