Fresh champion Hamilton: “Like to stay because of racism and the environment”


Lewis Hamilton has now officially rivaled Schumacher. In his own words, the fight against racism and for the environment motivates him to continue in the sport.

That Lewis Hamilton was going to become champion this year was actually already clear after the first race. Mercedes was shockingly supreme. And yes, Bottas may have won the season opener, but we now know that the Finn will not be able to make a fist against the Brit in a whole year. That’s why we jokingly wrote the message half a year ago, which has only really become reality today. Lewis won in style today and now has as many F1 titles as Rekordmeister Michael Schumacher.

The eighth and beyond

There is a very good chance that Hamilton will take it a step further next year by also taking his eighth title. The rules may change slightly for next season, but there is actually no good reason to believe that Mercedes will give up its very impressive dominance altogether. The cars will be a further development of those of this season. It will not be until 2022 that major changes in the regulations will be introduced and there may be another chance for the rest.

The only thing HAM has to do emotionally for its eighth title is sign up for Mercedes. The rest will come back ‘by itself’, as far as things ever go ‘by itself’ of course. Bottas has already signed up, so there is nothing to fear in that regard. And the notion that Mercedes will be leaving the sport in the short term has recently been shelved by CEO Ola Kallenius. What would you say is the stumbling block?

Hamilton on his monnie

Cynics will say ‘well, money’. It was recently rumored that Hamilton, in anticipation of a salary cap for drivers in F1, was willing to earn 80 million (!) Per year in the first period of a new multi-year contract. LH44 plays it hard. But after winning title number seven, he seems to be pre-sorting for a longer stay in the royal class. The drivers for this would be the fight against racism and for the environment, Lewis told Motorsport:

I feel like I’m only just getting started. It is really weird. I feel physically in great shape and mentally …[2020]… Has been a challenge that I didn’t know how to get through. But with the help of great people around me, through the help of my team, through the help of Team LH, I managed to just keep my head above water and stay focused, so I’m really hopeful for a better year next year.

I would love to stay. I feel like we’ve got a lot of work to do here. You know that we’ve only just begun. I want to push to hold ourselves accountable as a sport, to realize that we’ve got to face and not ignore the human rights issues that are around the countries that we go to. It’s how can we engage with those countries and help them, and empower them to do more to really change, not 10 years from now, nor 20 years from now, but now.

I want to help F1. I want to help Mercedes, in that journey. And also particularly moving more sustainable, you know, as a sport. The whole thing of when we need to be more sustainable. I want to try and see if I can be part of that, at least the initial phase of that, for a little bit longer.

Lewis Hamilton, wants to change the world, make a better place, for you and for me and for all people

Whose deed. Onto the decima in that case?


  1. autogeak says

    Driving Formula 1 for the environment. What a clown say …


  2. fmgarcia says

    You can see that he has 30 seconds more time per week than the rest for these things. Fine, keep racing nice and hard and make the world a better place. Nothing wrong with that imo.

  3. harrie says

    Exactly, because everyone knows that the best way to tackle racism and a better environment is to burn useless gasoline and rubber in dictatorships.


    • AutomotiveDesigner says

      It’s a bit like Jesse Owens who, after his victory at the 1936 Olympics, seized the moment to raise the issue of racism and injustice, oh wait… Times are changing Harry, Shell now also talks about sustainability. Lewis Hamilton also has the right to speak in 2020. These may be confusing times for you. But the transition to a non-fossil future is inevitable.


  4. clubbtraxx says

    Get sponsored by a large petro-chemical company and then make yourself hard for the environment.
    Despite all his nice talk, Lewis is mainly interested in money.
    That’s fine, but try to be less of a messiah.



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