Giacuzzo GR Yaris is a bomb with 300 hp

Giacuzzo GR Yaris

The Giacuzzo GR Yaris is a nice next step if you already have such a fast Yaris.

The regular Toyota GR Yaris is a car that is quite hyped at the moment. It is one of the few cars made purely for petrolheads. Not only that, but they have really put a lot of effort into it. People who call this “just a Yaris with a spoiler” should rinse their keyboard.

But the fact that the fast Yaris appeals to the imagination, does not mean that you cannot take it further. A GR Yaris is also built at a certain price. Of course it is also an image booster from Raamsdonkerveer to Aichi, but Toyota absolutely wants to make money from it.

Giacuzzo GR Yaris

There are already several options for people who want a little more on a GR Yaris. Here comes this one Giacuzzo GR Yaris Bee. Now you may not know Giacuzzo. It is a German tuner that specializes in Asian cars. Their parts are top stuff. In fact, the fit and finish is so good that manufacturers enlist the help of Giacuzzo to make the body kits.

Giacuzzo GR Yaris

Fortunately, they still do aftermarket tuning too. In this case, the Giacuzzo GR Yaris has again succeeded the old-fashioned way. This version is slightly thicker, without being over-the-top or too subtle. The German tuner has made a nice package of it. In addition to a body kit, it consists of a front bumper, side skirts, roof spoiler and diffuser.

  • Giacuzzo GR Yaris
  • Giacuzzo GR Yaris

More power

The rims you can get it in two sizes. Namely 18 inches (and 8J wide) or 19 inches and 8.5J in width. To make the road holding even better, a sports suspension has been developed for the car. The engine of the Giacuzzo GR Yaris has also been modified. The 1.6 turbo is equipped with a different ECU and exhaust system, making the power around 300 hp and the torque 360 ​​Nm. Prices and achievements are not yet known.

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