Good news from Germany: no limit on the Autobahn

C63 on the Autobahn

An environmental committee tried in a devious way to get a speed limit on the Autobahn via the Federal Council. Fortunately, a large majority voted against this plan.

Tap the top speed of your car on the Autobahn. For many car enthusiasts, it is a romantic and adventurous idea that they want to implement it at least once in their lives. Whether driving with Vmax is so clean and safe does not really matter in this dream.

However, in the real world, the environment and safety do matter. And there are parties who claim that all those changing speeds are not at all that conducive to safety. The German police think, for example, that a speed limit would lead to less serious accidents. The ADAC is also no longer at such a maximum speed.

In October the political party Die Grünen proposed to convert that unlimited maximum speed to a limit of 130 km / h. Fortunately, nearly 500 parliamentarians voted against this idea. Only 126 politicians voted in favor.

Anyone who thought that the stocking was finished was wrong. Last weekend it was announced that an environmental commission via the Bundesrat (in which the sixteen state governments are represented) nevertheless wanted to set a speed limit on the Autobahn. The reform of the German traffic rules was discussed today. According to the responsible minister, this should have been mainly about cycling, but the Environment Committee also wanted to add a point about the maximum speed (of 130 km / h) on the Autobahn.

Fortunately, that proposal was rejected by a large majority, writes among other things the NOS. This result could actually be predicted in advance, but it remains nice that no crazy things have happened. So for now we can safely tap the top speed of our car on the Autobahn. Until the next time it comes across in politics …

Thanks to Eric for the tip! Photo: C63 on the German highway from Rubenyje, via



  1. failure fillet says

    I just sold my half gearbox at marketplace because we are only going to drive a maximum of 100 …

  2. toniomestrone says

    European Union?

  3. edward330d says

    I think the right decision. We already have enough to listen to all the environment. The road network allows it there so let’s just enjoy it.

  4. HZW says

    The roads in the Netherlands are also great for speeding, but it is far too busy on our road network.
    Large parts of Germany are also far too busy to drive really responsibly.
    300+ can also tap on the Afsluitdijk.

  5. 560hp says

    This result was not predictable at all, because of the 16 “BundesRaten” there were 10 of the “Grünen”. Fortunately, even if they had voted in favor, this was merely advisory

  6. pablo1971 says

    Justly. I think that there are many more accidents with 100 kmh than with 130+ kmh. Everyone is at that speed in a kind of comatose state behind the wheel, incl. Illegal mobile use. You will stay awake at German speeds.

  7. moveyourmind says

    Fortunately it also feels a bit like Germany in the Netherlands …

    With Rutte who, just like Seiss-Inquart, steals everything that can be stolen and turns our country into one big mess.

  8. joosstra says

    I don’t understand why those unlimited speeds have been declared sacred. My experiences in Germany are that the Germans drive way too fast with everything that has 4 wheels. But that is only if it goes straight for a few kilometers. At a bend of 1 degree they already hit the brakes. The mutual speed differences are bizarre. That is simply life threatening. It is also a huge self-overestimate if you think you could drive speeds of over 200 km / h for hours at a time. You simply cannot concentrate as long as that. It will also be very disappointing if you calculate your average speed afterwards. Speeding is completely useless. Moreover, there is a Baustelle on the German Autobahnen every 10 or 20 km. What you see is that all speeding drivers stay on the left lane, so that you can easily pass it on the right. Once past the Baustelle, they will come back at 200 km / h, until the next Baustelle.

    • bmwx5m50d says

      @joosstra: those people may not have a faster, but certainly a nicer, journey than you

    • home highway says

      @joosstra: Do you enjoy driving 130. Germany is in the top 5 of least traffic fatalities per inhabitant in Europe.

    • racing face says

      @joosstra: you often drive in the part of Germany where only Dutch motorists drive? I cannot agree with the experience that you share … Germans are generally quite civilized in traffic and that there are large differences in speed that forces it . You simply cannot do the ikke ikke ikke first on the left lane on mentality because then you drive yourself flat or you are driven flat. As indicated above, they look 2/3 times in their mirror before they dare to go on the left lane.

  9. dwfc says

    Dear Joosstra, I drive safer in DU than in NL.
    At least Germans look in their rear-view mirrors, move aside for oncoming traffic and do not suddenly break into the right-hand lane on the motorway to the left at 110 pu.

  10. kobus1967 says

    The times that I drove through Germany I could only sprint from Baustelle to Baustelle, so what is the point of unlimited speed there?


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