GPs from Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan officially canceled

The Singapore GP, which was canceled together with that of Azerbaijan and Japan

In any case, we will no longer see these races on the revised calendar.

Last week there was finally clarity: the new F1 calendar was announced. At least part of it. It was only the first eight races, the rest we had to wait. At least now we know which three races there are not will come.

Formula 1 makes this morning officially known that the GPs of Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan are definitely off the track. These races were originally scheduled for June 7, September 20, and October 11, respectively.

For Singapore and Azerbaijan, the main factor was that they are street circuits. This requires a longer period of preparation. Combined with the uncertainty, this makes a race at these locations impossible, F1 said. Japan has a strict entry ban, which also makes a GP impossible there.

The calendar now looks like this: twice Austria, Hungary, twice Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, Italy. The season will most likely end with Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. Which races will intervene is still the question. F1 is still busy forging plans. Additional European GPs are also being considered.


  1. RRRobert says

    I bet that Brazil and the US will not go ahead this year either. And further, Canada? Mexico? I don’t really know how they handle Corona measures in those countries.

    Incidentally, I think I have read somewhere that the Russian authorities still want to let the race in Sochi continue, but whether that is also sensible…

    • SpeedGeek says

      Why wouldn’t the US continue if NASCAR started the season three weeks ago and Indycar started again last weekend?

    • sinanberk27 says

      @bernoulli: maybe Mugello, Hockenheim and San Marino (?) No source at hand.

      • bernoulli says

        @ sinanberk27: are they doing idd.

  2. dirtyfreddyw says

    Azerbaijan is quite unfortunate, has resulted in fun and crazy races. Plus the fact that there was no dog in the stands anyway made it easy to race without an audience.


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