Hamilton: “FIA is trying to slow down my championship”

Hamilton FIA Championship

Hamilton deflates after the Russian Grand Prix. The FIA, among others, has to suffer.

Lewis Hamilton didn’t quite have his weekend in Russia. He could match the record number of victories of Michael Schumacher, but that was ultimately not allowed for LH44. It actually went wrong in qualifying. HAM did put his Mercedes on pole after Bottas appeared to be the faster of the two Mercedes drivers in all previous sessions. But he did that after coming through Q2 on the softest compound. So Lewis already covered himself for the race. In his eyes, Verstappen and Bottas had the better strategy, despite Pirelli claiming the opposite.

In the race Hamilton miraculously survived the run to the first corner as first on the track. It was close, but Bottas just didn’t have enough gogme to outwit LH44 in the first kinks. Still things went wrong for Lil ‘Lewis after that. He was given a double penalty by the FIA, which gave his chances of winning the race a blow that ultimately proved insurmountable. The offense: two test starts at points where this is not allowed when driving to the grid prior to the race.

As we know it from Lewis, he was unpleasant when things went wrong this way. Not at all during the race, as it turned out over the radio. Lewis engineer had to deal with the passive aggressive attitude that LH44 often uses at times like this. That engineer wasn’t completely innocent in this case either. He had told Lewis that making those starts was okay. Even after the race, Lewis was still furious. He was still fairly mild against the orange Mic, but for his own parish at Sky Sports F1, the Brit was still fairly empty:

I’m sure no one has ever taken a five second penalty twice for something so ridiculous. I have not put anyone in danger and have done this on hundreds of tracks all my life.

Lewis Hamilton, thinks they should always have him

Lewis also suggests that the FIA ​​stewards have an agenda to keep the championship a bit exciting:

Of course they try to stop me. But it’s okay, I just have to keep focusing and we’ll see what happens

Lewis Hamilton, next race will probably wear a vest with ‘why always me?’

Hamilton probably wasn’t happy with the FIA ​​this weekend anyway. The regulator subtly banned Lewis’s political protests on stage by instituting some sort of dress code. Perhaps that also plays a role for Lewis, but of course his story has the hint of sour grapes.

Yet the world champion also receives support, from both extremely expected and unexpected quarters. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff noted the following:

The stewards indicated that it is not the place where you normally do a test start. I agree with that. But the notes say that after the lines you can do a test start on the right side. That’s what he [Lewis] did. There is room for interpretation. We need to analyze why we all made the mistake together. Lewis has had many setbacks in his life and we all think the punishment is too heavy.

Toto Wolff thinks Lewis Hamilton has had a hard knock life

Well that was of course to be expected. Even if Hamilton ordered pineapple on his pizza, Toto would still protect his pupil. More striking is that none other than our party animal Max Verstappen Lewis joins us. Apart from the fact that Hamilton could not win today, Lewis now also has ten penalty points on his license. He scored two of them today. The first do not expire until November. If LH44 gets two more before that time, he has to finish a race, which of course would be an unprecedented sensation. However, Verstappen finds the FIA ​​a bit too strict on this point today:

I think the time penalties given to Lewis were painful enough. Two points? Yes I think that is a bit too hard.

Max Verstappen is not a fan of hard work

Whose deed. What do you think, is Lewis right, or are you already looking forward to Stoffel Vandoorne’s first victory?


  1. airc says

    It was clearly not his weekend. Can happen once. But if you finish third in a bad weekend, the damage is manageable.

    Of course he’s frustrated, we all would be. He thought I’d check it out in advance. But even then it is a team sport …

    … Much sad I find the radio messages from Bottas in the car after his ‘victory’. You don’t want to reply to your critics like that, do you? Then you really have to show that you win in class.


  2. karaya says

    What setbacks are those Toto?

    Grew up in a beautiful house and always drove for the best teams, from an early age.

    And then claim that he fought his way up from the slums.


    • chrisvis says

      @karaya: from when exactly? Thought Lewis had to put his dad in extra jobs to get out of the expenses and that things just got a little better financially when Lewis got into the McLaren junior program… or am I wrong ??

  3. maarten020 says

    It was really ridiculous punishment


  4. Edge says

    Lewis Hamilton may otherwise also take a hand in his own bosom. Prior to each GP, the race management sends a document around with matters that are important for the relevant circuit. It states where the track limits are strictly measured, but also what the appropriate place is for your test starts. Is it really asking too much to read that document as a driver yourself? I dare say with almost 100% certainty that if Ferrari had told Vettel to make a test start there, he would have made them aware of the rules, and so would Verstappen with Red Bull.

    Lewis Hamilton should also thank the stewards. There are concrete indications that the FIA ​​actually wanted to award him two penalty points per violation, but has adjusted that to one per violation. He should be happy that the stewards have revised their first plan, otherwise he would have been able to watch Vandoorne driving his car in Germany.


  5. henkp1 says

    Lewis is right.


  6. henkp1 says

    Beautiful city, beautiful location, beautiful circuit; despicable political system in poor Russia. When will there ever be a normal, democratic government? Has the population therefore not suffered enough in recent centuries?


    • bmwpowerm5 says

      Lewis suffered a lot more than those poor Russians

  7. pomuk says

    Hmm, yes, this is whining. Stop the plot thinking Lewis! Pineapple on pizza is surprisingly delicious!

    • jeroenm83 says

      Try ordering that dish in Italy. Still hungry!

    • okay, bye says

      @pomoek: WHAT?!? Toto Wolff says that “Lewis has had many setbacks in his life” but this is nothing compared to the seemingly tough childhood you have had. If you like pineapple on pizza ‘surprisingly’ things have happened.
      Do you already have a support group?

  8. henkp1 says

    Very clever from 44 to drive back from 11 to 3.

    • harrie says

      Of which 6 still had to pit

  9. flyerbunch says

    Mercedes and Lewis may be champions again this year, but it will take a little more blood, sweat and tears. Lewis is not used to all that anymore. Follow rules? Well, the FIA ​​still manages to keep it a bit exciting!

  10. often you’re too scared says

    The rather variable and arbitrary punishments of the stewards have been an irritation factor for years; I don’t immediately have the impression that they are specifically after Hamilton here.

  11. vopo says

    If things don’t go the way Lewis wants it, everyone is suddenly against him. What a whine it is at such moments. That is a shame and also takes away some shine, because otherwise he is a great driver.

  12. baf07 says

    Lewis is not very good at being criticized and always wants to be right. Huiliehuilie from VET to HAM as soon as he is not on pole …

  13. realhustler says

    He asks the team. It’s OK. Apparently it is not allowed. So 5 seconds. Logical. But 2x? And also points on his license? The team said ok so wrong from the team. So 5 seconds and ms fine. But points? 2x 5? And why not tap Leclerc for Stroll? FIA meant again? And what was Mika Salo driving for?

    • benja01 says

      @realhustler: he did it twice so therefore 5 seconds per offense .. that makes sense

  14. spacemoon24 says

    The distribution of the penalty points has since been recalled.


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