Having problems with Apple Pay? These solutions help

Are you running into problems with Apple Pay? Is setup not successful or does something else seem to be going wrong? In this article, we will get you started with all Apple Pay error messages and issues.

Apple Pay not working? Solutions for Apple Pay issues

Are you trying to set up Apple Pay or use Apple Pay but you’re having trouble? There can be many reasons why Apple Pay is not working. Maybe you don’t have a suitable account or your bank is not yet participating. In this article, we will give you all possible solutions if Apple Pay is not working.

  • Suitable devices
  • Suitable banks
  • Installation error
  • Age
  • Pin device
  • NFC contact point
  • Amount
  • Just choose
  • Only does not appear
  • Fault and updates

Which devices are suitable?

In order to use Apple Pay, you must have a suitable device. For the iPhone and Apple Watch, these models are:

  • iPhone 6 or newer

  • Apple Watch (first generation) or newer

So you cannot use Apple Pay with an iPhone 5s or an older device. You can read more about suitable Macs and iPads for Apple Pay on the web in our Apple Pay explanation.

Which banks are suitable for Apple Pay?

Second, you should know that Apple Pay does not work in all banks. You can therefore only activate it at participating banks.

These banks offer Apple Pay in the Netherlands:

  • bunq
  • Curve
  • iCard
  • ING
  • Monese
  • N26
  • Openbank
  • Rabobank
  • Revolut
  • Transferwise

These banks offer Apple Pay in Belgium:

  • Aion
  • BNP Paribas Fortis
  • bunq
  • Buy Way Personal Finance
  • Curve
  • Fintro
  • Hello bank!
  • iCard
  • KBC (soon)
  • Monese
  • N26
  • Revolut

In addition, you must have a suitable account with the relevant bank. Not every bank offers Apple Pay for all accounts and payment cards. The large Dutch banks usually only work with normal payment cards, both from normal accounts and and / or accounts. Ask your bank and also check our Apple Pay comparison in which you read how the banks offer Apple Pay in which way.

Setup is not successful, what can I do?

If you try to set up Apple Pay, you may encounter a configuration error. The notification Apple Pay configuration failed. Error when configuring Apple Pay can then appear on the screen.

Apple Pay configuration error.

In this case, it’s best to try another way to set up Apple Pay. There are two ways: via the bank’s app or via Settings> Wallet & Apple Pay. Try both ways. Still not working? Then contact your bank or wait a few hours and try again later.

Is there a minimum age for Apple Pay?

Many banks have a minimum age of 16 for Apple Pay. If you are under 16, you do not have a suitable account to use for Apple Pay. Ask your bank whether Apple Pay is suitable for your account.

The PIN device does not recognize my Apple Pay card. How do I fix that?

If you want to pay in a store with Apple Pay, the ATM must first of all be suitable for contactless payment. You can recognize this by the Apple Pay logo or the logo for contactless payment. You can see both logos below.

Logos for Apple Pay and contactless payment.

If the pin terminal is suitable, there may be something else wrong:

  • The card in question is not supported. For example, if you use a credit card for Apple Pay, while the store only accepts debit cards.
  • You still need to identify yourself with Touch ID, Face ID or your access code. You can only keep your iPhone with the pin device when the moving iPhone icon is visible under your Apple Pay card. You can recognize this by the text Stick to the reader.
  • You still have to unlock your Apple Watch or set a passcode. Forgot your Apple Watch PIN? You can do this.
  • Keep your iPhone or Apple Watch long enough with the pin device. You will hear a confirmation beep from your iPhone or Apple Watch when payment is successful. Only then can you take your device away from the pin device.
  • Check where the contact point for contactless payment is located on the ATM. This varies by model: some are on the screen and others on the side.

Use Apple Pay and pay with Face ID.

Where is the NFC chip of my iPhone or Apple Watch? How do I keep my device with the pin device?

Also make sure you hold your device properly with the pin device. This has to do with the location of the NFC chip. Here’s how:

  • iPhone: The iPhone is located at the top of the device. Therefore, keep your iPhone with it screen upbut with the top of the device near the contact of the PIN device. No need to flip your iPhone and use the screen towards the pin device.
  • Apple Watch: Turn the Apple Watch with the screen towards the debit card to pay with it. It also usually works through sleeves of sweaters and shirts. If your sleeve is too thick, roll it up a bit.

Suddenly I can no longer pay with Apple Pay, what’s wrong?

The banks often have a maximum amount that you can pay for Apple Pay. This payment limit for Apple Pay differs per bank. If you are 16 or 17 years old, there is sometimes a different maximum amount that you can pay with Apple Pay per day. This applies to all installed devices together.

As soon as you exceed the amount limit, you have to pay in a different way. This can be done, for example, by using your physical payment card. Always check whether your balance is sufficient. The amount in your account with which you pay must be high enough for the purchase amount.

I want to pay with another card. How do I adjust that?

The first card you add is immediately set as the default card. You can adjust this via the settings on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

You can do this on the iPhone as follows:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings> Wallet and Apple Pay.
  2. Bee Transaction preferences you choose Standard card.
  3. Now select the pass you want to use by default.

Here’s how it works on the Apple Watch:

  1. In the Watch App, go to Wallet and Apple Pay.
  2. Bee Transaction preferences you choose Standard card.
  3. Now select the pass you want to use by default.

You can set a different default card for both your iPhone and Apple Watch. If you still want to choose a different card while paying, tap your iPhone on the screen while paying and choose the other card. On the Apple Watch, swipe sideways to choose a different card.

Only does not appear

Does the pass not appear when you double-press the side button of your iPhone or Apple Watch? You may not be printing fast enough in a row. If you have motor problems to press the side button in quick succession, you can also make sure that your pressing speed is set to lower.

Here’s how to slow down the iPhone side button:

  1. Go to Settings> General> Accessibility.
  2. Go to Side button and set the knob to Slow.

Here’s how to slow down the Apple Watch side button:

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to General> Accessibility> Side button press speed.
  3. Set the knob to Slow.

Speed ​​Side Button

Malfunction with Apple Pay or outdated software

Finally, you can check whether there is a malfunction with Apple Pay. The fault can also lie with pin devices. Please check here if there is a malfunction at Apple. If not, ask the retailer or bank if there is a malfunction in the pin machine. In addition, make sure that your iPhone or Apple Watch is up to date. With the most recent software updates you ensure that the security is up-to-date and you avoid problems with Apple Pay, among others.

Still not working after all these tips? Then remove your Apple Pay card and add it again. As a final option, the NFC chip on your iPhone or Apple Watch may be broken. In that case, please contact Apple Support.

For more answers to frequently asked questions about Apple Pay, read our Apple Pay FAQ.

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