Helmut Marko gives Max Verstappen a critical blow


Max Verstappen’s race father Helmut Marko imitates Max Verstappen’s father Jos Verstappen. After a race weekend with some mistakes, Max gets some critical notes thrown at his bumper hat by the Austrian.

It was a great F1 race weekend in Turkey last week. Some felt that the slippery and sliding frenzy at Istanbul Park had little to do with racing due to the extremely slippery and often damp tarmac. But the neutral fan will not have grieved. In any case, it was once again not a procession behind the Mercedes brigade.

Hero to zero

In the difficult circumstances, Max Verstappen was the favorite for the victory beforehand. Max was fastest in free practice and actually fastest in qualifying, although Lance Stroll surprisingly took pole. At Ziggo they knew for sure: it must go crazy if Verstappen did not win the race that started in the wet with his undisputed super talent in the rain.

Yet that did not happen in the end. After a messy start, a messy race followed. Max showed his enormous talent at times, but at the finish line only sixth place was his share. Max finished only a few seconds ahead of teammate Albon, who is normally eaten with skin and hair by the Dutch Lion. Obviously this had not been a showcase like Brazil 2016 or Hockenheim 2019 was.

As it goes, Max received some slightly critical notes from the Dutch media. Think of level Ivo Niehe. It was not too bad, but pretending that it all went great would seem incredible even on the most orange of the orange glasses. With a Racing Point and a Ferrari on the podium, Max Emilian could have been left or right there too.

Red Bull gives Max crazy tuned wing

Max himself didn’t want to know much about the criticism in the week after the race. People on the sidelines are just shouting and actually know the balls about the sport. Whose deed. Verstappen pointed to a terrible blunder that the team made with the front wing during a pit stop. Due to a technical upgrade, in which for some reason the way you adjusted the wing had also changed, Max was sent back into the arena with a scraped and skewed front wing. That of course does not help. Verstappen prefers to fly back to the next race as soon as possible.

Marko critical

Yet Helmut Marko Max argues during a look back at the weekend at Auto-Motor-und-Sport not completely free. Red Bull Racing as a team could have done many things differently and better in Turkey, but Max himself too. That already starts with qualifying, in which Max and the team let themselves be driven crazy by the Racing Points, according to Helmut:

We lacked routine and rest. Until halfway through qualifying, everything other than pole had been a surprise for Max. But when Perez had a best first sector on the intermediates early in Q3, we let ourselves be fooled. Max then immediately wanted to switch to inters. This despite the fact that at that time he had placed two personally best sectors in sector 1 and sector 2 with the full law. In retrospect, he would have been just as fast in that lap as in his best lap later on the intermediates. After that he could have gotten into his rhythm and reached pole position with the full laws.

Helmut Marko, drives everyone crazy

In the race a lot of things went wrong, such as the start and a slow pit stop. But the moment that Verstappen definitely lost a good result, was of course the spin with Perez. Max himself denied that he was too eager to do so. However, Marko thinks otherwise:

It was a completely wrong assessment by Max to crawl so close behind Perez at that point of the track. As a result, he lost the downforce and spun off the track. The tires were then so damaged that Max had to make his second pit stop.

Helmut Marko, makes only good estimates himself

Well and that second pit stop, that was apparently the pit stop where the wing was messed up …


  1. flow82 says

    Am I crazy or did Max NOT want to go to the inters during qualifying, and was he called in for intermediates at the insistence of the team? Ditto in the race, didn’t he want to stay out longer on full wets?

    • jaapiyo says

      In the race, however, in the initial phase. In quali he came in immediately. No radios heard about it at the time, but apparently (partly) on his own initiative after he heard that Perez was going hard on inters.

      • flow82 says

        @jaapiyo: thought he was complaining about the choice of inters, especially during qualifying.

        • jaapiyo says

          I think especially after the calf drowned.

  2. deSjonnies says

    Und as slapf auf der feuerpfeil kauft there neither auch nor ein grosses dickes private fleugzeug!


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