Honda e rolls into the berm, is straightened by crane

Nose of the Honda e that rolled into the roadside

It could just be a test drive that got out of hand and this Honda e rolled into the roadside.

A nice retro design, luxuriously dressed as standard, rear-wheel drive. The electric Honda e has a few advantages that make it an attractive car. Of course, the range is not particularly great at 220 kilometers. But for enough people it could just be a nice means of transport.

The bottom of the Honda e. Rolled in Austria

This is probably what the driver of this Honda e thought. We are probably writing, because we do not know very much about this accident. However, it seems to be a dealer car, since the model name is on the side. This could just be a test drive that got out of hand.

It seems to be a one-sided accident, which happened on the B25 near Scheibbs in Austria. According to the voluntary fire brigade the driver of the Honda e hit the road for an unknown reason, where the car crashed with a concrete obstacle and a street lamp. This accident caused the Honda to roll over and the car rested on its side.

The fallen lamppost

The driver was unharmed and managed to get out of the Honda e. At this point he called the fire brigade, who put the car upright again with a crane truck. A towing company eventually took the car away.

The damage to the electric Honda is considerable, although it is surprisingly not too bad at the left door. Yes, the camera that acts as a mirror is broken, but otherwise the front and rear side panels seem to have received the bulk of the damage.

The rolled Honda e that is hoisted into the air

However, this deal will be a bummer for the dealer. After all, the electric Honda e is just about to go on sale, so you will always want to be able to provide interested parties with a test car. And of course you can no longer sell a stock model that you use as a test car. It is therefore hopeful for Honda that they can repair this rolled e soon, so that the next prospective buyer can get started with it.


  1. E34M5 Touring says

    ETEC kicked in yo


  2. utregcity says

    Didn’t the rider happen to be called Max?


    • peugpower1000cc says

      @utregcity: coincidentally not

    • macz46 says

      @utregcity: or Dave


    • cow mountain says

      No, Jos. It was a middle-aged man.

  3. brown worker says

    Why can a test car no longer be sold? Happens often.


    • cow mountain says

      Not as long as you use the car as a test car.

  4. moveyourmind says

    That such door handles are actually allowed.

    It looks nice and it undoubtedly saves the weather in air resistance, but if you cannot get out of the quto in an accident, bystanders cannot even open the door quickly.

    Then prefer sturdy safety door handles such as Saab, for example, which had been available since the 1970s.

    • utregcity says

      @moveyourmind: you can open these too and they are fed up.


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