how do you stop an elec.magnetic field at a socket, and a led lamp also helps? yves

I am now sleeping in a new room but still have 3 sockets and I suspect that these will push emf out to the room, can I neutralize this emf or cover it with a certain metal/fabric and an LED lamp will help (in the ceiling or is it on the connection itself, if so it helps to just disconnect it at the endpoint

Asker: Yves, 24 years old


It’s not because you have an outlet in your room that ‘something’ is being pushed out. An emf is a source of electrical energy and is not pushed out of the socket.

Currents can create magnetic fields (in the entire wire, not just the socket). If no (working) device is connected to the socket, there is no current, so no magnetic field.

Even with a working appliance switched on, the two wires will generate equal and opposite magnetic fields, so that the resulting field is virtually zero.

Answered by

Professor Walter Lauriks

Physics Acoustics

Catholic University of Leuven
Old Market 13 3000 Leuven


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