How nice is this McLaren P1 GTR with Gulf colors?

McLaren P1 GTR Gulf

The majority will probably like this Long Tail McLaren P1 GTR with the well-known Gulf colors.

A “real” McLaren supercar (call F1, P1 and Senna) comes in three flavors. You have the ‘base’, then you have the GTR for races and somewhere in between is the LM: many of those stripped racing things, but street legal. We explained the whole story to you once when McLaren suddenly came up with the Senna LM.


Because that is not self-evident. Once upon a time there was an exception regarding the versions. F1 is completely McLaren. With the P1, the brand only came with the P1 and P1 GTR. The P1 LM was a fabrication of Lanzante. This English company specializes in building and restoring all kinds of exclusive stuff. Lanzante grabbed a slew of P1s and GTRs and turned them into street-legal glory.

Long Tail

One of the cool things they did with the P1 is a nod to F1. Perhaps even more famous than the 627 hp street car is the F1 GTR Long Tail, one of the racing versions. Where the F1 has fairly compact proportions, the F1 GTR LT is a car that has mainly grown at the rear. The Long Tail name became iconic, McLaren himself now uses it for top models of the 650S (675LT), 570S (600LT) and now the 720S (765LT). These models do not have a longer tail. A model that does have a longer tail is the P1 GT from Lanzante. In the color XP Green, a nod to the extremely rare street-legal Long Tail F1s, this was a very cool car.


What’s cooler than XP Green? A racing color. And why not immediately the most famous livery of the F1 GTR: Gulf. Normally known for a light blue shade with orange striping, but the sponsorship of tobacco and luxury brand Davidoff meant that the bottom half of the livery was black. Lanzante brings the historic Gulf F1 GTR back to the present with the McLaren P1 GTR Long Tail.

  • McLaren P1 GTR Gulf

The car started life as the eleventh P1 GTR. Then the car ended up at Lanzante who made it street legal. Now it is the new McLaren P1 GTR-18, chassis number one. There is no Gulf of Davidoff anywhere, but the livery is recognizable. You can best see this as “the production version” of the Long Tail P1 that we first saw in 2018.

One of six

The GTR-18 is the first of six Lanzante P1 GTR Long Tails to be built. All six become street legal and all six have their own historic livery. As it seems now, they are not sold out yet, so if you still have a few million euros lying around, get started. And it is not known whether the liveries will be duplicated, so whether you can get a second of this blood McLaren P1 GTR in Gulf colors is not known.

McLaren P1 GTR Gulf


  1. dawwg says

    No, in my opinion, it is damn bad with the Davidoff livery underneath. Only the Davidoff or Gulf livery would have been much better.

  2. reactive says

    No photos of the back?

    What a brutal fat device! I think the P1 also has the potential to become a real classic. Still personally think it is the most beautiful McLaren ever built. And with this kind of specails he comes up nicely right away with the original F1.

  3. berlinetta says

    I may be one of the few, but I always think Gulf colors are ugly.

  4. JanJansen says

    A MacLaren where the proportions are correct. It shouldn’t get any crazier.


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