How to customize your on-screen keyboard in Windows 11

A keyboard remains something personal. Some like a large keyboard with many function buttons, others want a smaller keyboard, but with a touchpad. If you use an on-screen keyboard, for example on your tablet or a laptop with a touchscreen, it is probably even more important that the keyboard is to your liking. Fortunately, in Windows 11 you can customize the appearance of the digital keyboard.

Everything about Windows 11

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Windows 11 has been fully adapted for touch control and more and more Windows devices with touchscreen are appearing. The renewed interface and functions should make the operating system more suitable for tablet use, without a mouse and keyboard. So it’s no surprise that Microsoft allows you to completely customize your on-screen keyboard.

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Change theme

Go to the settings in Windows 11 via the start menu or by pressing the Windows button on your keyboard in combination with the i key. If you are using the Dutch version of the new operating system, you will find the option Personal settings and here you can find your on-screen keyboard theme in addition to Windows themes by clicking On-Screen Keyboard.

In the menu that appears you can adjust the size of the onscreen keyboard and also the theme. You will have a lot of themes at your disposal: from Indigo Breeze until Lilac River and Ice Blue. You can also opt for a custom theme. You actually select a color for your on-screen keyboard and a color for the letters on the keys. It is even possible to choose your own image as background. You do this via the drop-down menu below the example of what your keyboard will look like.

Enable on-screen keyboard

Save the settings and you’re ready to use the new onscreen keyboard. To enable the keyboard you can go to the menu Personal settings click on Taskbar. Move the slider back On-Screen Keyboard and you’ll find a shortcut to the onscreen keyboard in your taskbar.

Windows 11

Although Windows 11 won’t be released until the end of this year, it is possible to download and install a first version of the operating system via the Windows Insider program. In this article we explain how you can do that. Not quite ready for it yet? Then you can also counterfeit variant of the new operating system, just through your browser.


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