How to manually add passwords to iCloud Keychain

With iCloud Keychain you can save passwords so you can easily enter them on websites and apps. However, you can also manually add the passwords to iCloud Keychain and in this tip we’ll explain how to do it. It can be done on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Enter passwords manually in iCloud Keychain

Do you have a password for an account that is not yet in iCloud? Then you can manually add a password. This can be useful if, for example, you are receiving login details from someone else or have simply never clicked on ‘save password’. Do you have to come up with a password? Then Keychain Access on your Mac also helps determine a strong password.

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Mac

Add password to iCloud Keychain via your iPhone or iPad

You can use your iOS or iPadOS device to view your iCloud Keychain. In the list you will find an overview of all your usernames, passwords and associated websites. If a password is not listed, you can easily add it. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap Passwords and accounts.
  2. Tap Passwords and confirm your identity with Face ID, Touch ID or your code.
  3. Now choose the plus at the top right and enter the details. Note any capital letters and typos.
  4. At the top right, tap Ready. The data is automatically synchronized with your other devices.

iCloud Keychain add password

Did you know that you can also share login details with AirDrop? Read in our separate tip how to do that.

Add passwords on the Mac with the help of Keychain Access

Your options are slightly more extensive on the Mac than on other devices. You have access to the Keychain Access app. It is installed on your Mac by default. You can use this app to save passwords, but they won’t show up in iCloud. You can, however, check the strength of your password.

  • Check strength
  • Add

Check how strong your password is

Before adding a self-invented password, it is wise to check whether it is strong. You do this as follows:

  1. Open Keychain Access (found in the Apps folder in Finder).
  2. Click the pen and paper symbol in the top bar to add a password.
  3. Enter your potential password in the password field and view the color bar. The greener the better.
  4. Click on if necessary Strength password under the bar to get tips and suggestions.

Password assistant Mac

The tips you get are based on what you enter. For example, if you enter your name, it will be recognized and discouraged. Existing words are also not useful. You can also get a suggestion if you specify how many characters the password should be. Have you chosen a password? Then copy it with Command + C. Now proceed to the next section.

Add your password manually in Safari

You can manually add a password to iCloud Keychain on your Mac via Safari. Have you copied a password or are you ready to enter? Then follow these steps:

  1. Open Safari and click on top left Safari> Preferences.
  2. Select the Passwords tab and identify yourself with your password, Touch ID or via your Apple Watch.
  3. Click at the bottom add and fill in all fields.
  4. Check everything and click Add password.

Add password manually in Safari

Your password will now sync with all your other iCloud devices. Did you know that you can also fill in credit cards automatically in Safari? Check out our separate tip to see how you do that.


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