Hyundai is going to build ‘transformer cars’

Hyundai establishes a new branch that will focus on the construction of ‘transformer cars’, as Hyundai itself calls them. According to the South Korean manufacturer, these cars must go to places where no cars currently go.

Hyundai sets up its new ‘New Horizons Studio’ in Silicon Valley (California), USA. There they will specifically focus on the development and construction of these ‘UMVs’ (Ultimate Mobility Vehicles). According to Hyundai, such cars must be able to go further than conventional cars due to their special form of propulsion, for example in natural disasters, or simply in rough terrain. After all, the wheels stand on a kind of robot legs that can twist and turn. The UMVs can therefore parade like a crab or spider over poorly accessible terrain.

Hyundai Elevate

Hyundai Elevate

A concrete example of such a UMV was already there at the beginning of 2019. Hyundai then pulled the curtain off the Elevate (see photo above and the other photos with this article). The basis is a special platform with ‘legs’ that can be pulled in and out underneath. Each leg has a wheel with its own electric motor. There are many different cabins to combine. Above we see, for example, a taxi, which, due to the flexibility of the powertrain, can stand half on a staircase to allow someone in a wheelchair to take a seat in the car. According to Hyundai, this is one of the many examples why UMVs can play a major role in mobility in the future.

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