Hyundai Kona Electric (2020) driving test

The Hyundai Kona Electric has received an update. Since it is a very popular EV, we have reason enough to put this car to the test (again).


  1. Jantje_555 says

    has received not only an update but also a recall… why don’t you say anything about this. Should always be pro electrification on this boring blog (these 10 days anyway) instead of autoblog.

    • frank2b says

      @ jantje_555: Recall is positive, right? Hyundai solves your problems nicely. Just come to Pon, you are just the sjaak yourself.


    • nautique206 says

      @ Jantje_555: Kona, All BMW plugin and Kuga Plugin, can all catch fire. I do not think very positive in itself

  2. 205without roof says

    Please also write a review: I cannot always watch with sound and since corona I have been over-stimulated and I can no longer hear Wouter.


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