Hyundai takes Prophecy concept car to Geneva

Hyundai’s exhibition stand in Geneva promises to be a treat this year, because in addition to the completely new i20 and facelifted i30, the brand also focuses on this new concept car.

Hyundai Prophecy concept car
Hyundai Prophecy concept car

The futuristic outlook is called Prophecy. He gets a fully electric power train, but is mainly presented as a preview of Hyundai’s design philosophy. This new philosophy is called “Sensuous Sportiness” and is based on four themes: proportions, architecture, styling and technology.

Hyundai translates these core values ​​in its own words with the Prophecy which according to Hyundai, for example, gets “graceful curves” and wide back flanks. The lighting at the back seems to be a special whole with large upright units and above that a wide continuous light strip.

Hyundai therefore presents the Prophecy in Geneva. That will happen on March 3.

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