Improved Hyundai i30N now has more power!

The improved Hyundai i30N is just a bit better than before.

The Hyundai i30N was one of the automotive surprises of 2017. A good one Hot Hatch building is still quite difficult. Not only that, you also have to find exactly the right position in the segment. There is of course a huge gap between a good Golf GTI and an exuberant Honda Civic Type-R.

Improved Hyundai i30N

In terms of user-friendliness, the i30N resembles the Golf GTI, but the performance is at a higher level. The chassis is also considerably more capable. So more of a Mégane RS competitor, but a little less hardcore. An excellent mix, it turned out. Now it’s time for the upgraded Hyundai i30N.

Hyundai ‘leaked’ some details about this car last week, so most of it will sound familiar to you. The facelift of the regular Hyundai i30 (and i30 N-Line) has already been unveiled and now it is the turn of the improved Hyundai i30N.


Forged alloy wheels

Since Hyundai has already sold more than 25,000 units of the i30N, they have proceeded with caution. The improved Hyundai i30N, just like the regular i30, is slightly sharper than before. The nose is tighter and the headlights have a new LED pattern.

Very nice are the 19 ”large alloy wheels. These wheels are forged, which is not common in this class. In fact, even with much more expensive cars you often get cast rims. The advantage of forged wheels is that they are lighter and stronger. The unshielded weight is also lower.

  • improved Hyundai i30N
  • improved Hyundai i30N

Performance Package

You do need the Performance Package for those 19 ”rims. Then the rims are immediately covered with sticky Pirelli P-Zero rubber. The tires have been specifically developed by Pirelli for the i30N. You also get an electronic limited slip differential.

Side with 19 inch wheels

Interior improved Hyundai i30N

There are also a few changes in the interior, albeit subtle. This mainly concerns new electrical assistance systems. A neat detail are the blue accents on the belts. It is now also possible to order the N-Sport seats on the i30N.

  • improved Hyundai i30N
  • improved Hyundai i30N

These weigh 2.2 kilograms each less than the regular sports seats. They are covered in a combination of leather and Alcantara, of course with blue stitching. A bit kitsch, but fun: the ‘N’ in the headrests is illuminated.

More power

From a technical point of view, less changes with the upgraded Hyundai i30N. An N DCT automatic transmission is available for the first time. This is a dual clutch transmission and has eight gears. The manual gearbox has 6 forward gears.

improved Hyundai i30N

The entry-level i30N has 250 hp and 353 Nm at its disposal, but the i30N Performance has become a bit more powerful: 280 hp and 392 Nm now has it under the hood.

Grab a corner


Thanks to the extra power, the improved Hyundai i30N has become a lot faster. The 0-100 km / h sprint now takes only 5.9 seconds, instead of 6.2. You can choose in seven colors, including Performance Blue. It is not yet known when you can order the i30N and what it will cost.


  1. C220AMG says

    It is a cool device! Only such an electronic lock is a bit of a shame

    • adinsx says

      Indeed, why not a nice mechanical one. Such an electronic is a bit of a job. Jan en Alleman will not notice that, but the purist who will use the N for what he is for, will.

      • willeme says

        @adinsx: it is an electronically controlled diff with two modes. One for normal use and one for sporty driving.

        An electronic limited slip differential is not the same as electronically controlled locking by braking the inner wheel ;-).

        • saxoke says

          @willeme: I also expect it to be an electronically controlled mechanical lock, like the competition uses it. It will certainly not be XDS as VW offers on the good versions as on the previous GTI without a performance pack.

      • banderas says

        A purist does not choose a Hyundai N very quickly, I think.

    • Onehp says

      @ c220amg it is indeed a real mechanical limited slip differential that is electronically controlled. Just like an M differential at BMW. Or the locks on the Golf GTI, Cupra Leon or Focus ST.

  2. JamesBond007 says

    I think it’s so cool. If I had the money, this would have been it

  3. dutchdriftking says

    He remains a genius!

  4. Fish66 says

    That will be my current i30n trade-in! Bring it on!

  5. schreute01 says

    According to reliable market research (I have just completed 2000km in Germany) you see this Hyundais regularly on the autobahn.

  6. Onehp says

    Nice bowl, and unlike many Germans you don’t have to put aftermarket stuff on it to make it really fun.


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