In the wild: Mazda Spiano (2005)

Techzle reader Vincent Stooter delights us with photos of a Mazda that actually does not belong in the Netherlands at all. Today on the stage of In the Wild: the Mazda Spiano!

Mazda and Suzuki, they have something with each other. In the past, the two brands exchanged various models among themselves and in 2020 the two manufacturers in Japan also share a number of models. For example, Mazda has included the Flair, Flair Wagon, Flair Crossover, Carol and Scrum Wagon on the menu, respectively Suzuki’s Wagon R, Spacia (Wagon), Hustler and Carry. Between 2002 and 2008 Mazda had the Spiano on the price lists, a car that was in fact nothing more than a Suzuki Alto Lapin with its own logos.

The Alto Lapin was – and is, the model is now in its third generation – a kei-car that serves as a wider alternative to the Japanese Alto. The Mazda Spiano, photographed by Vincent Stooter, is a 2005 copy that crossed the Dutch border for the first time at the end of last year. Like the Alto Lapin, the Spiano is only a few millimeters after 3.4 meters long. Under the hood a 657 cc small three-cylinder that helps the angular Mazda with a power of 54 hp. Its compact dimensions and smaller than 660 cc power source make the Spiano a kei-car. In accordance with tradition, Mazda also delivered a turbo version with a 60 hp version of the 0.7 and whoever wanted it could order both variants with front or four-wheel drive.

Although the Suzuki Alto Lapin has several generations, Mazda of the Spiano has only produced one generation. After 2008 it was over and out. The ‘illest’ sticker on this copy, together with the towing eye behind and the bear wheels from the ‘bowler hat-121’, are flavor enhancers that the owner himself has added.

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