iPhone 13 Pro: These games support the brand new screen

With the 120Hz ProMotion screen, the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) is a great device for gaming. But which games support 120 frames per second (fps)? You can read it in this overview.

iPhone games at 120 fps

If you’re a gamer, the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) will make you happy. It is equipped with a powerful processor, has a fantastic OLED screen and the flagship refreshes images up to 120Hz. Unfortunately, the 120Hz refresh rate doesn’t work for all apps by default; developers still need to tweak something in the code to support the ProMotion display.

Right now, a handful of games have gotten the 120Hz mode. It concerns the following games:

The best known is Genshin Impact. The game was recently named Best Game in the Visuals & Graphics category at the Apple Design Awards. Known for its heart-pounding battle scenes, the game has pushed the visual barrier for mobile gaming, according to Apple. With the new 120 fps mode, that’s now even more impressive.

More games will follow in the near future. Apple has also made it easy for developers to ensure that the games work with the ProMotion screen. In the coding of an app, they can ‘unlock’ the 120Hz refresh rate themselves, Tim Cook’s company explains in an article for developers.

120Hz for games

The 120Hz screen is great for games. The high refresh rate ensures that games with a lot of visual spectacle play more smoothly. Not only does this look fantastic; the high refresh rate ensures that you can react a fraction faster. In competitive games – such as shooters – this gives you a small advantage.

Have you come across an iPhone game that can handle 120 fps, but is still missing from the list? Let us know in the comments and we’ll update this article.

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