Is Alfa Romeo finally moving with the times?

Alfa Romeo Giulia

An Techzle reader saw a striking hybrid version in the price list of the Giulia …

Alfa Romeo and electrification. For some, that is the same as sweet and savory. Apart they are fine, but you don’t have to combine them. In the ideal world, Alfa Romeo would only build two-door coupes and four-door sedans, with a gasoline V6 engine in the front and the drive on the rear axle. Unfortunately, we do not live in that ideal world, but in a world with climate change and CO2 objectives. Alfa Romeo can therefore not alone to the petrolhead but must also have an eye for emissions.

Here comes the Alfa Romeo Tonale. This crossover should come on the market in 2021 and also be available as a plug-in hybrid. Everyone assumed that this would be the first hybrid Alfa Romeo. But maybe another Alfa Romeo takes off with that “honor.”

Price list

Techzle reader Maarten saw a striking mention the pricelist of the Giulia: a 2.0T-e. And what will the e stand for? Electric, probably? This suspicion is reinforced by the 1KJ (kilojoule) entry that can be seen next to the motorization.

The price list of the Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Giulia cannot be ordered as a hybrid at the time of writing, so it is not known when this Alfa Romeo should come onto the market. It can also be a mistake, of course. Alfa Romeo does not mention the hybrid Giulia anywhere else.

However, if this information is correct, the hybrid would cost the same as the non-hybrid. Both cars have a suggested retail price of 43,050 euros. The amount of horsepower is also the same, with 200 hp. However, the CO2 emissions of the hybrid are lower. The petrol version has a CO2 emission of 157, the CO2 emission of the hybrid car is 153.

Mild hybrid

But what kind of hybrid technology could Alfa Romeo use? If we look further within the FCA range, we see that Fiat released two mild hybrids earlier this year. The 500 and Panda Hybrid have a 12-volt generator that you could compare to a boosted starter motor. These systems are relatively easy to implement without having to build a whole new car.

Could the Alfa Romeo Giulia – which has received a model update this year – also be ordered with a mild hybrid system? Only time will tell. For Alfa Romeo, a more important question is whether you would buy such a hybrid Giulia? Or do you prefer the “normal” 2.0 version? Let me know in the comments!

Photo: Alfa Virus! from Min2Max, via


  1. cloverleaf says

    Savory with sweet?
    – Warm cream brie gratiné with cranberry sauce.
    – Schnitzel with leek bears.

  2. all-round turbo says

    My dad went for a Stelvio Q, I think a better choice.

  3. jibbe says

    The 1kj option has been used at alfa Romeo since the arrival of wlpt (October 2018).

  4. apple pie delicious says

    Oh kiek, 23k for an Alfa that is not too bad, ah of course there is 4k in VAT. But still, 27k is still an acceptable amount for a car with 200k … BAM! 13k to BPM. Tax value 41k. Cuckoo! Cry this.

  5. lithium ion says

    The Tonale in 2021? I think this year already?

    • Pallas says

      @lithium ion: Alpha isn’t it, 2023 at the earliest!


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