Is Audi going to come up with an e-tron Avant?

Audi e-tron Avant

The Porsche Taycan was followed by the Audi e-tron GT, so what’s next after the Taycan Crossturismo…?

As we have seen this month, the Porsche Taycan with an Audi sauce is at least as successful. It’s nice to also see beautifully lined sedans between all the electric crossovers. What would also be a nice addition to the EV offer: station wagons.

In any case, there will be a station wagon version of the Porsche Taycan. We saw the first official images of this last week. It will not be a normal station wagon, but an elevated station wagon. Yet another crossover. The question then is what Audi will do. Will they stick with the sedan or will there also be an extra practical version of the e-tron GT?

Audi has not yet commented on this, but it would be a logical move. Auto, Motor und Sport even speaks of a no-brainer. After all, the sister model will also receive such a version and, moreover, Audi has always considered the station wagon of paramount importance. An Audi e-tron Avant would therefore be anything but a crazy move. Or, if Audi really wants to follow Porsche: an Audi e-tron Allroad quattro.

An Allroad would also be historically responsible and in line with the cross-violation. Unlike Porsche, however, Audi already has an electric SUV in the form of the e-tron. Audi could therefore also opt for a normal e-tron Avant.

We have already taken Photoshop to see if the e-tron GT is a bit too pleasurable as Avant. Since the e-tron GT is very low and wide, you get a station wagon that makes the RS6 Avant look almost good. In terms of roofline, Audi could get some inspiration from the CLS Shooting Brake. If by chance someone from Ingolstadt reads along (who can also speak Dutch): bring that e-tron Avant!

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  1. HZW says

    Bring it on in Avant version, nicer than the sedan / 4-door trunk version.
    The version above looks 10x better than the one in the AMuS link.

  2. Pascal says

    Would be nice! Welcome change with all those SUVs and crossovers

  3. harrie says

    What a caricature dude, looks like a clown shoe.

  4. rogerzz says

    A rhetorical question does not need an answer, but it is not a rhetorical question and the question in the title is not answered? Audi doesn’t say anything, it’s a photoshop, so now it’s only speculation from a German car magazine. Hmm.

    But nice photoshop, it just doesn’t say that much about the ‘real’ version should it come at all ..

  5. dromedary says

    Yes fat!

  6. dutchdriftking says

    Phew that is nice !!


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