Is the engine problem Red Bull solved by this man?

engine problem Red Bull

After 2021, Red Bull can no longer simply count on Honda for a loyal supply of engines. The man above this article may well become the lifesaver for this sudden engine problem.

As an extreme reflection of ordinary society, F1 is a world where money rules. Money talks, bullshit walks was and still is a common platitude in it paddock. But a bomb in itself is of course not aerodynamic at all and has no horsepower. So you don’t win races with that. Teams like Toyota, BAR and you could also say Ferrari have proven this several times in the past. The big bombshell only gives you the best chances of hiring the right (and sometimes the most) people. If you don’t, you are still at the back of the grid.

This fact is good news for people who are said to have great qualities that help a car to cover approximately 300 kilometers in the shortest possible time. It is publicly known that the highest ranked drivers earn a lot of money. But even the best engineers can earn money with their skills. Years ago, Ferrari Adrian Newey reportedly made an offer of 20 million a year to come and work for them. And no, it wasn’t that long ago that there were still Liras.

Just like with drivers * cough * Vettel * cough *, however, one of the problems is that you can never be sure how good someone is. For example, designer Mike Gascoyne epically filled his pockets at Toyota, very briefly at Spyker and later at Caterham, because he was credited with the success of Renault in 2005 and 2006. Renault became world champion twice with Alonso, partly thanks to the famous one mass damper. At Toyota, he proved with a huge budget that Renault’s success was secretly up to someone else, or that all his good ideas had run out at the time. Who knows, maybe the intern at Renault had it mass damper well thought …

At Caterham, the Malaysian millionaire Tony Fernandes Gascoyne still wanted to have, because he simply had the name. Probably Tony is the best proof of how money can be broken on the wrong people. He put Kovalainen and a burnt-out Trulli behind the wheel of his F1 team. He gave Anelka a mega contract with his football team, while he no longer felt like playing football at all. The moral of the story: it is therefore not always as simple as ‘buying names’.

Still, there is now an engineer ‘hanging’ above the F1 market, at least on the face of it that can add value to any team. We’re talking about Andy Cowell, until recently the chef at Mercedes High Performance Powertrains, for whom he worked – yes – seven years. Those were not bad years for Mercedes in the sport. In Cowell’s favor, he has also worked in the past on BMW’s epic V10, which at the time was the strongest engine in the F1 field.

Rumor has it that Ferrari has already contacted Cowell and, like Newey in the past, has offered him a muddy check in exchange for his services. Cowell would have declined that, however. When he left, however, he indicated that he was looking for ‘a new challenge’. You can feel it coming: what could be a better challenge than developing a completely new engine for Red Bull? Motorsport-Magazin also added 1 + 1 and once asked Marko what he thinks about this. Marko is still on the flat:

I don’t know what he thinks about that. But first we need to know exactly what we are going to do. Then we will of course see who are the best people for the job. It is clear that when we develop a motor, this will be done at the home base at Red Bull Technology. Then we will make sure that we get the best people possible.

Helmut Marko, is still waiting for Didi’s go ahead

The two parties will therefore continue to float around each other for the time being. But if Red Bull wanted something, this does not seem like a wrong choice. Although I still suspect that there is little chance that they will actually develop a motor themselves. Whose deed.


  1. brammetjedeb says

    Whatever the solution, it will get there. So many options have already come up. That motor will simply be loaded under a different name.

  2. Edge says

    Andy Cowell is indeed the perfect man to bring in if Red Bull wants to develop its own bike (with or without the help of a partner). But I have serious doubts whether Andy Cowell is really interested in a contract with Red Bull. He seems to rather want to focus on something outside of Formula 1.

  3. banderas says

    Speculating on the basis of actually quite little. Pretty good.

  4. HZW says

    Quote from article: Although I still suspect that the chance is small that they will actually develop a motor themselves. Whose deed.

    Red Bull has already indicated that they will only run their own engine if the engine development is going to be completely frozen until 2026, when the new engine rules are introduced.

    But Ferrari is against the freezing of engine development until 2026, so Red Bull will not run its own engine, because it must be chosen unanimously by all participants, and Ferrari is therefore against it.


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