Is there a new Google Chromecast coming?


Google has two devices tested by the American FCC approval authority. There are rumors that it is a smart dongle. Will a new Chromecast arrive soon?

In one of the submitted FCC documents mention is made of an Interactive Media Streaming Device with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, while the other report relates to a wireless device with Bluetooth that according to 9to5Google would indicate a remote control.

In June reported tech website XDA Developers all that Google is working on a smart dongle, code-named Sabrina, which should be the successor to the Chromecast Ultra. Unlike the previous Chromecasts, the new dongle would come with a small remote control, which the FCC documents seem to confirm.

Earlier this year, images of that remote control leaked, on which various media keys, a navigation circle and a Google Assistant button can be found. The latter suggests that the new Chromecast also supports voice control.

From the leaked images it can also be concluded that the Chromecast itself no longer has a round shape, but an oval shape, and that the dongle will be available in black, white and a new light pink color.

Partly due to the remote control, the streaming device can become slightly more expensive than its predecessors. Where you pay an amount of about 40 euros for the third-generation Chromecast, the price of the new dongle can go up to no less than 80 dollars or barely 70 euros converted.

Android TV

The dongle will also run on Android TV, eliminating the need for another device to stream. So you will soon be able to stream directly from your TV, without the intervention of, for example, a smartphone or PC. Incidentally, this is already possible with the Mi TV Stick from Xiaomi, which also runs on Android TV and is available in the Netherlands for under 40 euros.

Because the new Chromecast runs on Android TV, the dongle will offer more functionalities. Consider, for example, an integration with Google Nest doorbells and video cameras, where your TV serves as a central control point for smart devices in your home.

When we can expect a new Chromecast remains to be seen, but it is clear that Google is speeding up. XDA Developers stated that a launch could take place this summer. Google may give a tip of the veil on September 30, when the company will unveil the Pixel 5 according to the latest rumors.


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