Is this the end of the Subaru BRZ and the Toyota GT86?

The Subaru BRZ

Subaru no longer takes new orders for the BRZ in Japan. Is this the end of the BRZ and the GT86?

The Subaru BRZ and the Toyota GT86 are two quite successful, sporty coupes, both of which are not without drawbacks. The interior is a bit mediocre, according to some the engine should be a bit more potent and there is not much space in the backseat according to our driving test.

Nevertheless, the two cars were a nice success for both companies. That is why both Subaru and Toyota have announced a successor. It is planned that we can see the new cars in July 2021. However, thanks to the coronavirus you have to take such schedules with a grain of salt.

But that raised the question of when Toyota and Subaru would stop making the two cars. Because although you have not been able to buy a new one at the dealer in the Netherlands for a while, production had not yet stopped. Although the end of the BRZ and the GT86 seems to be near now.

British Coach namely, note that the Japanese Subaru site states that the manufacturer will no longer take new orders for the BRZ. This means that the Japanese can only purchase stock models of the BRZ. The BRZ is screwed together on the same production line as the GT86, so it is obvious that both cars will now be taken out of production.

Toyota has not yet responded to the mention of Subaru, it is therefore unclear whether the GT86 is actually taken out of production. It could also be that Toyota chooses to continue building the GT86 for a while, until the successor is actually there. That successor is not going to be called GT86, but GR86. Sounds like a typo, but it isn’t. GR of course stands for Gazoo Racing, the label that Toyota nowadays puts on its fast cars.

As far as we know, Toyota and Subaru are not going to change the recipe that much. The coupe should remain a rear-wheel drive, with a 2.4-liter, four-cylinder boxer engine this time. This probably comes from Subaru and sends 255 hp – slightly more than what the current cars have – to the rear wheels. Hopefully in 12 months we will know more, when Toyota and Subaru are expected to reveal the successor.

Photo: Photoshoot: Subaru BRZ from @Thijs_VanGrinsven, via



  1. michaelb says

    255 hp, we can do something with that.

    • marc94 says

      @michaelb: And yet almost everyone who has to make the choice would take a hothatch … because it is better at everything except RWD.


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