Kidneys BMW 4 series show themselves

Since September, BMW has been very busy following the unveiling of the 4 Concept. “Would the real 4-series also get that immense grille?”

On social media, the photos now go viral on which someone has skimped a cover over the car aside. A dark blue nose shows itself. The wish of enthusiasts – or nightmare for many – apparently comes true: BMW holds on to the grille design of the concept. The new grille covers almost half the front. It is now also clear where BMW processes the license plate in its entirety.

The rest of the nose is sketched according to a well-known recipe and has many similarities with cars such as the 1- and 3-series. The new ass of the 4-series is also recorded on the sensitive plate. The shape of the rear lights strongly resembles that of the 8 series. BMW does now opt for a completely unique layout of those light units. The rear bumper is further added extra thick with, for example, air intakes.

It is not expected to take too long before BMW presents the new 4-series itself. We already had the car signed on the basis of earlier information. That result can be found here.

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