Lewis Hamilton loses to real Hamilton

A lawsuit between Hamilton and Hamilton is one of the things Lewis Hamilton has not won. And again. Who is the real Hamilton?

Ask anyone what he thinks about Hamilton and you will immediately hear different opinions about seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton. The 35-year-old Brit has gained sufficient fame worldwide to have a kind of exclusive right to the name Hamilton. In theory then. In practice, Hamilton has to share his honor, officially.

Hamilton Watch Company

The name Hamilton is not by definition Lewis. No, the name has also been synonymous with the Hamilton brand as a watchmaker for years. That company wanted to apply for trademark rights to the name ‘Hamilton’. 44IP, Hamilton’s company, wanted to put a stop to that.


According to them, Hamilton, the watchmaker, is doing this precisely to chase Lewis and his company. For example, the legal advisers from Mercedes (and therefore 44IP) say that the Hamilton brand name has not been used for a while and it is strange that they want to apply for trademark rights. Years of legal battle resulted.

Hamilton wins, Hamilton loses

It has now been decided that Lewis Hamilton and associates will lose out as far as the Hamilton name is concerned. There is no reason to say that Lewis may use the name exclusively. This is because Hamilton is a very common surname and it is not logical that someone applies for a patent on it ‘because it is his name’. But also because Lewis Hamilton dates from 1985 and Hamilton Watch Company had already started in 1892. This nearly 100-year difference provides a boost to watchmakers.

44IP wanted the Hamilton brand name for merchandise sales. A different name must now be chosen for that. Did Lewis still lose something in 2020. (via Daily Mail)


  1. dees says

    Didn’t use the Hamilton name and time? Have a Hamilton watch yourself and they are just active as a brand.

    Would look for other lawyers if I were him.

  2. bluecupra says

    Right what celebrates victory


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Lewis Hamilton loses to real Hamilton

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