Liberty Walk LC500 is cool sacrilege

Liberty Walk LC500

In the category: it is actually not possible, but secretly it is cool: the Liberty Walk LC500!

The Lexus design language is one that you should charm. It’s very risky and people often have an opinion about it. Or you think it is very cool or you are already nauseous and dizzy from the many lines. We have yet to meet someone who finds the new design house style a bit ordinary.

Now it also depends a bit on which car the design language is applied to. On the SUVs, it looks a bit weird, but the LS (the gigianstishce sedan) and the LC (the large coupé or convertible) are very cool. Somehow the crazy shapes and folds on those kinds of cars seem to come into their own. The Lexus LC in particular is a very cool model.

Liberty Walk LC500

Not only the proportions and lines are beautiful and correct, but also the appearance. This is not a Mercedes or BMW copy. No, it is a unique car that you immediately recognize as a Lexus. But what if you find a Lexus LC500 a bit too modest? Then this one Liberty Walk LC500 just the thing for you.

  • Liberty Walk LC500
  • Liberty Walk LC500
  • Liberty Walk LC500
  • Liberty Walk LC500

Not subtle

As you would expect from the Japanese tuner, they are not half measures or subtle adjustments. Now the Liberty Walk LC500 is still quite modest by LB standards. The car has of course been greatly lowered and fitted with very wide wheels. Thanks to a body kit that is a little too wide, they still fit nicely underneath.

Liberty Walk LC500


The body kit consists of a carbon splitter, which will probably last a day or so. The side skirts of the body kit are a bit too much of a good thing. You have very low skirts that are wide enough for a game of mini-Golf. Then there is also an air scoop on the side for the rear wheel. Nobody knows why, but it does look fierce. And that fierce is exactly what the Liberty Walk LC500 is all about.

Friends at the Kwik-Fit

The back is even wider than the front. The Yokohama Advan straps are undoubtedly a broadset, although the sizes are not listed. You bet you will make friends at the local Kwik-Fit. The vehemence continues at the rear of the Liberty Walk LC500 through a spoiler, four thick tailpipes and a carbon diffuser.

Liberty Walk LC500

Price Liberty Walk LC500

Prices are not yet known. You can often choose between fiberglass or carbon at LB-Walk. The first option is often around 10,000 euros, then you still have to spray and assemble everything yourself. The wheels and carbon parts are added to that for a complete Liberty Walk LC500. On the other hand, one LC500 costs at least 123,395 euros (in the Netherlands), so such an LB-Walk kit can still be removed.


  1. Yzord says

    I think it’s quite successful actually. I just don’t like those friends with QuickShit. Bunch of crooks haha.

    But the body kit for a Lexus like this I think is best to take a look, but buy, no, not really.

  2. SvenskaAeroplanAB says

    Proclaimer: do not buy if you live in a Vinex neighborhood …

  3. erwinlagcher1977 says

    Personally, I think the LC500 is more of a spiritual successor to the Supra than that rejected BMW.

  4. fastforward says

    2 grains of sand: * scrape *

  5. yajouri says

    I think it is very successful!

  6. Dennis30e says

    You also have to befriend the lip farmer, each threshold is a new front lip. It will be expensive shopping rounds …


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Liberty Walk LC500 is cool sacrilege

In the category: it is actually not possible, but secretly it is cool: the Liberty Walk LC500! The Lexus design language is one that...

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