Lister returns with Storm Supercar

Lister Storm V12 GTL '96

The epic supercar finally gets a successor.

Recently we seem to be flooded with new hypercars. Very cool, of course. But the disadvantage is that we do not always have “a feeling” with a supercar or hypercar. A lot of power, even better performance and a towering price tag.


Fortunately Lister comes to see. Look, we have known Lister for years. In addition to the extremely mischievous and legendary Knobbly, we know the British from the many special Jaguars. Think of the various tuned XJs and of course the F-Type Thunder with 666 hp from the muddy V8.

Lister Storm '96


In the 1990s, Lister caused a furore with the Storm, a huge supercar with a huge V12. The Jaguar twelve-cylinder was enlarged to 7 liters and is still one of the coolest sounding V12s of all time. Around that time it was even raced with. In fact it is the other way around: it was mainly raced with and only a few (4) street versions were sold. Read everything you need to know about the Lister Storm in this article.

Lister Storm GT2 '04


Fortunately, Lister still tunes Jaguars, but they have let the prestigious supercar projects pass them by for 25 years. Until now because the Lister Storm is coming back! The new Storm will be slightly different than its illustrious predecessor. It will not be a good sounding supercar anyway, because it concerns an electric car.

Lister EV Super Car Research '20

EV race series?

The tweet from Lister (which we have listed below for you) shows a fairly typical supercar drawing. We can say very little about it. With all those electric hypercars coming up, an electric hypercar class seems interesting to us. Lots of power, even more torque and a prestige battle between Tesla (Roadster), Lister (this device), Lotus (Evija) and Rimac (Concept 2), among others.

A Storm is coming …

– Lister (@ListerCars) February 9, 2020

When the Lister Storm is unveiled, is still unknown.


  1. revhead says

    Nice to hear that Lister is back and thanks for the history lesson. However, Lynx and Lister are two different companies, the Eventer has nothing to do with Lister!

    • willeme says

      @revhead: You are absolutely right. Maybe I was just looking for a reason to write about the Lynx Eventer as much as possible ;-). I just adjusted it.

  2. banderas says

    Finally? Do not have the idea that many people knew this brand at all and were therefore waiting for something new. The drawing looks good, by the way. Nice and clean.

    • crashing duke says

      @banderas: When I think about it, I upload a photo of the Lister XJS from the ’80s tonight.

  3. t1mothys says


  4. Dutch drifting says

    A new supercar is always a good idea. A pity that there is no more information available. Porsche has since shown that (for a huge amount of money, which in turn is) electric driving can be seriously fun. Although of course we still hope that fine-sounding combustion engines will stay there for a while.

  5. cat says

    Indeed a fixed value in the GT races in the 90s. Too bad there are only a few variants of it.

  6. nopetrolnofun says

    If he has to come back electrically, it might as well bleed to death.


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