Lorinser CLA 35 AMG makes 45 almost superfluous

Lorinser CLA 35

The Lorinser CLA 35 AMG is less Over the top than the A45 AMG.

The Mercedes CLA engine range looks a bit strange. There is a choice of simple four-cylinder 1.33 liters (CLA 180 & 200) and 2.0 liters (CLA 250). If you want a little more, you will find the CLA 35 with 306 hp. That is a two-liter turbo with automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. Another step higher is the CLA 45, which also has a two-liter turbo engine with automatic transmission and four-wheel drive, albeit with more power. The CLA45S AMG also uses this layout.

Lorinser CLA 35

That does not really seem to be essentially different hardware. Now you can exchange relatively little between 35 and 45, but emotionally it is a big step in terms of price. Isn’t it better to buy a 35 and then tickle this one? That’s exactly what happened with this Lorinser CLA 35.

Lorinser CLA 35

Power Lorinser CLA 35

With the Lorinser CLA 35 you also get a little extra, but it is not as heavy over the top as AMG. After the installation of the Lorinser PowerModule, the power of 306 hp and 400 Nm increases considerably. After the tuning, the maximum power is 340 hp and the torque is even 470 Nm.

Especially when you consider that Sportservice Lorinser is on the conservative side and especially because reliability is more important than the last few horsepower somewhere up in the range. The PowerModule constantly measures the state of the motor by means of various sensors, so that the load is minimal.

  • Lorinser CLA 35
  • Lorinser CLA 35
  • Lorinser CLA 35

New RS12 rim

In addition, this Lorinser CLA 35 is equipped with a set of new wheels. Rim design is very personal and sensitive to taste. Three times what one thinks is great, the other doesn’t like it. This is no different with these wheels. The Lorinser RS12 rim measures a whopping 20 inches in diameter. In any case, the bicolor rims are not attractive due to their simplicity. The width of the flow-formed rims is 8.5J and the ET value is 38. Fortunately, the classic rims as the RS8 and RS9 also available.

  • Lorinser CLA 35
  • Lorinser CLA 35


We also have prices for you. The engine tuning of the Lorinser CLA 35 costs 1,499 euros. That includes an app where you can read all engine information. You can even choose from various driving modes! Finally, the rim. There is only one size and you pay per wheel 618 euros. That includes VAT, but excluding installation and oh yes, tires.

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