Lotus Evija can be seen riding for the first time [video]

Lotus Evija can be seen riding for the first time

The 2,000 hp Lotus Evija finally comes to life. And this weekend in images and sound. As far as you can speak of sound.

Let’s be honest. Some car manufacturers announce plans where it is always the question whether those plans will actually become reality. Lotus is such a brand. They have the Elise, Exige, Evora and some special models. But that electric future that they have been talking about for years still feels very far away.

To show that the car brand is definitely making progress, Lotus takes action during the Goodwood SpeedWeek. During the Supercar Run, the fully electric Lotus Evija with 2,000 hp will be on display for the first time in motion. No longer a static concept or a slick computer animation, but the real deal. This shows that Lotus has indeed progressed beyond air cycling.

The car brand is bringing three pre-production models to Goodwood. One is in the color Solaris Yellow. The other two copies are black and gold. In both cases, references to the brand’s rich racing history.

The Evija is not the only thing Lotus brings. The history of the brand is also central. During the Goodwood SpeedWeek, the Lotus 25, 18, 49 and 79 will come into action. All historic racing cars true Lotus has achieved successes in the past.


  1. torsion says

    For me it does not match the sound of an internal combustion engine that chases through the revs with every gear, but I think that almost turbine-like howl is also something.
    Wonder if it’s the engine control module you hear or something from a transmission.

    • tortuga says

      @torsen: assume the teeth that rotate together for the transmission and the rotation of the electric motor

  2. robbie123 says

    In any case, the model is very beautiful! If the quality improves after 60 years, because I have had 10 Lotuses and all bad materials. The brand will of course remain rock solid due to the F1 history of the past!

  3. dutchdriftking says

    And now let’s hope it gets off the ground. Lotus is a brand that I support very much. But the current model range is even older than that of Alfa Romeo.

  4. mashell says

    What happened to Lord March? He looks about 40 years younger.


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