Lotus makes buying used cars a bit easier

Colin Chapman's Lotus Turbo Esprit

With this official document, Lotus makes it easier for you to buy a used car.

Buying a neat used car can sometimes be a bit stressful. Especially if you buy a more expensive car – say a Lotus – and you want to know if everything is still original. Is the paint still original, are the seats still nice and old, was the air conditioning installed afterwards or was it delivered like that, and so on.

Lotus occasion

Often there are still official documents with the car to find out a few things, but these may have been lost over the years. Well, to allay any concerns, Lotus introduces something new: the Certificate of Provenance. Or the Certificate of Origin.

For 189 euros converted, you as a Lotus owner can get a box containing an aluminum sign, a Lotus key ring and pen and of course the car documents. The first document is the Certificate of Origin, printed on ‘premium paper’. Here are things like your VIN, car color, specifications and the date your Lotus rolled out of the factory in Hethel.

The second piece of paper is the Build Specification Letter. This paper is more detailed than your Certificate and indicates how Lotus delivered the car. Think of the motorization, transmission and any options.

The first car to receive this treatment is a rather special Lotus Turbo Esprit from 1981. It is Colin Chapman’s personal car, one he drove until his death in December 1982. This car was still for sale in May, apparently it was Lotus itself who transferred the purchase amount.

Colin Chapman's Lotus Esprit

In the Certificate we can read that this Lotus originally had a Silver Diamond metallic paint and a red leather interior. It looks like those two have stood the test of time well. Furthermore, this Lotus has a radio in the ceiling, air conditioning and a counter reading of about 7177 kilometers.

These are pretty standard things, but this Lotus was made especially for Chapman. That’s why the Esprit has unique features such as power steering – the first Esprit ever -, BBS rims and the whole car has been lowered. Precisely because of such things someone might think that a handy Harry has started working with the car, while they are very original. And in such cases, such a Certificate can be quite useful. In this way Lotus knows how to make buying a used car a bit easier.

The complete box of the Certificate of Provenance


  1. karaya says

    Funny that Chapman had air conditioning and power steering installed.

  2. mpgc says

    Looks slick but quite a lot of money for a pen, key ring, badge and some data on a premium A4 sheet 😄


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