Mansory Ghost Launch Edition is celebrating a golden party

Mansory Ghost Launch Edition

Why be humble when you are insanely successful? The Mansory Ghost Launch Edition celebrates your life with a golden party.

Mansory is a special tuner. In many ways, the toko is reminiscent of the heyday of Koenig Specials in the 1980s. Mansory tackles almost all expensive brands, just like Koenig did. Mansory also has no shame: they adjust everything. In addition, it cannot be called subtle at all. Indeed, just like with Koenig Specials.

Mansory Ghost Launch Edition

At the time, Koenig’s creations were considered too wrong for words. In the nineties the criticism faded slightly because Koenig started to focus more on technique and performance. They still exist officially, but we haven’t heard of them for a long time. But luckily we still have Mansory. Once again we receive a sign of life from these German tuners, this time through the Mansory Ghost Launch Edition.

Mansory Ghost Launch Edition

Very wrong

Of course, the end result of the tuned Ghost is very wrong again. But that was simply done consciously. Many people want it to be too thick on top. We, people without money, claim to have good taste. But people with money just buy something they like and that’s this Mansory Ghost Launch Edition. Think of it this way: I say not to date fashion models because of their character, but it has more to do with my appearance.

Mansory Ghost Launch Edition

The recipe is quite well known, although the end result could have been much more terrible. It has a new paint with a golden glow and golden striping. Perfect for when you’ve earned a gold medal playing football or R&B singing. The rims are of course too ugly, too big and too black. But nowadays you can also go to Rolls-Royce for that.

Neat interior

The interior can even be called very neat. Of course, taste is personal, but this could have been much worse. Of course we wonder who the hell would prefer a plastic Mansory logo on the steering wheel instead of one with Rolls Royce on it.

Engineering Mansory Ghost Launch Edition

Then the technical aspect, besides the rims and a subtle lowering, not much has happened yet. A sports exhaust has been fitted, so that the V12 is a little less discreet on the boulevard in Rotterdam. The 6.75 liter biturbo V12 can be increased to 601 hp and 950 Nm with an ECU update. Chipping a Rolls, you have to dare.

Prices are yet neither known nor relevant. Even if we have all the money in the world, we still don’t buy the Mansory Ghost Launch Edition. However?


  1. ericd says

    ‘Ordinary’ Ghost ex-factory most beautiful limo in my opinion; proportions are optimal.

  2. Loek says

    It’s not how I would put it together, but for Mansory they worked fairly subtly. In any case, not over-sprinkle with that retarded CFRP stuff.

  3. no 1234 says


    There is no relationship between having money and being successful. True this is a reasoning that most cannot follow.

  4. osmo says

    Secretly I would like to have this one.


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