Maserati Coupé flies out of the corner on an N-road

Maserati Coupé on the roadside

A Maserati Coupé, N-road with a good turn, wet weather. What could go wrong?

We’ve probably done it all once. The weather is nice, you are driving on a winding N-road, there is no chicken on the road. You push the gas pedal just a little deeper into the carpet, you get a smile on your face and the goosebumps crawl up your arms.

It is not known whether the driver of this Maserati also drove on an otherwise empty, fine N-road. Probably not: he (m / f) drove during rush hour, it has been a gray day and the N203 looks like Google Maps not a very exciting way to be. What we do know is that his drive didn’t end so well.

Maserati Coupé on the roadside

He flew Thursday afternoon out of the bend at Zaandijk and went straight through a hedge. His Maserati Coupé ended due to the accident next to the ditch on the roadside, less than a meter away from fencing that should keep pedestrians away from the tracks.

In that respect, the driver was still lucky: in terms of damage seems the pictures still not too bad. The Coupé alone could not drive away on its own, a salvager had to get involved to get the Italian off the roadside. Fortunately, the passengers were wrong.

This blue Maserati Coupé was delivered in 2003 and has a 4.2-liter V8. This engine can produce 385 hp and 450 Nm. The top speed is 285 kilometers per hour, zero to one hundred must be ready within 4.9 seconds. Techzle wrote a background article about the Maserati Coupé last year.


  1. toyota tuner says

    -edit: thank you, has now been fixed-

  2. jeebee says

    -edit: thank you, has now been fixed-

  3. moveyourmind says

    Think it’s an amateur gardener …

    Who once read in the Libelle that your soil can best be thrown loose with a trident.

    Well, at least it worked, that’s what it’s about.

  4. alphapeter says

    No image from the other side? If he has not hit a tree, it is probably not too bad. A little more to the right it was a completely different story. I still think it is a very nice car and hope he can get back on the road soon.

  5. tenaci says

    Oh well, can happen. Could have happened to me too. I sometimes want to pull my Daf 66 into a drive, but recently I was suddenly backwards. No damage luckily.

  6. Dutch drifting says

    Goes nice lately ….

  7. alphablog says

    I’m curious about the damage, he must have taken that corner with the grass / soil on the bottom of the front bumper. Sometimes you are lucky or unlucky because parts cost the main prize.

  8. already says

    In a few days a classic Jaguar launched, a classic Porsche on the A10 crashed and now this Maser .. they have no autopilot .. what could be the cause?


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