Maserati goes crazy with off-road MC20 ‘Snowcat’

Maserati MC20 off road

Something different from a Levante.

Earlier this year, Maserati went big with a completely new sports car: the MC20. A memorable day for fans of the brand with the trident. After all, these are the cars that give a brand like Maserati allure. To know how the MC20 feels, we have to wait until Wouter gets hold of a copy, but the first impression is in any case good.

Now that Maserati had drawn all the attention with the MC20, they took advantage of the opportunity to present even more news. They announced, among other things, that they had created a new department: FuoriSerie. This department should deal with the personalization of cars. They gave a taste of this with three very extravagant models.

It now seems that FuoriSerie has even more ambitions than just dressing Maseratis in striking colors. Last week we reported on plans to build a restomod based on the Shamal. However, there are even more interesting things to see on the Instagram page of FuoriSerie.

  • Maserati MC20 off road
  • Maserati MC20 off road

The department also shares renders of a fairly striking off-road Maserati MC20. It is raised and equipped with studded tires and a luggage rack with skis. From the description it can be deduced that this MC20 is inspired by snowcats. We are not talking about a cat species with a cold habitat, but about a tracked vehicle that is deployed in the snow. That immediately explains the color and the striping on the side.

It seems to be mainly a little exercise from the brand new department. So we don’t have to expect a real life version of this off-road Maserati MC20 right away. Yet it is not completely excluded that Maserati will do something with it. The fantasies are meant to show what is possible. If a well-to-do Maserati customer sees something in this, the Italians may make it a one-off.

Experience shows that more than one copy is not suitable for such cars. Alpine built the A110 SportsX as a one-off concept and Lamborghini did the same with the Huracán Sterrato. Unfortunately, since the Mega Track nobody dares to actually put an off-road sports car on the market anymore.


  1. dirkv says

    idd the ideal winter sports car.
    Load up and blast to the Alps!


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