Maserati MC20 configurator: how do you put it together?

Maserati MC20 configurator: how do you put it together?

Nice in his time getting the brand new Maserati MC20 through the configurator. You can now.

Great news from Modena last week. Maserati finally pulled the curtain off the already much talked about MC20. The Dutch prize followed shortly afterwards and today we have news for you again. The configurator of the Maserati MC20 has gone live.

The ideal excuse to customize the car to your own taste. Because maybe you weren’t too impressed with how the car looked at launch. With a configuration you may be able to get the appearance of the sports car to your satisfaction. You can choose from various colors, packages for the exterior and interior and rim designs.

Maserati MC20 configurator

Because a configurator remains a digital party, it is always difficult to guess what it will look like in real life. If you opt for a red copy, then we already have a guide for you. The photo below shows how a red MC20 rolls off the belt.

Maserati MC20 configurator factory

If you are there with the Maserati MC20 configurator not yet released, you can go to Fuoriserie. With this new personalization program you can adjust the outer and inner characteristics of the car to the maximum.

The icing on the apple sauce is the sound of the MC20 in the video below. Sounds okay, right?


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