Max Verstappen buys a muddy private jet

Max Verstappen private jet

Max Emilian Verstappen is once again following in the footsteps of F1 greats. This time by buying his own private jet.

Life has a lot to offer for the successful F1 driver. Cracks in the fastest cars in the world, fame, braces, tons of money, beautiful models by your side, you know it. But, in some ways even an F1 driver’s life is tough and difficult, difficult, difficult, difficult. For example, you often have to do PR events for sponsors. And even worse: a lot of flying and waiting at airports.


Of course the drivers don’t have to cuddle their knees to their ears in an old Ryan Air plane, but still. The glamor of travel probably gets old quickly when you do it so much. The real real big earners in the sport can make it all that little bit more pleasant by purchasing their own private jet. For example, greats such as Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher and err, Ralf Schumacher did that in the past.

Dassault Falcon 900 EX private jet

Where environmental knight Lewis Hamilton has already sold his kerosene-consuming cherry-red plane, Max Verstappen is now fully immersed in the world of private jet ownership. According to the Mic High Club podcast Verstappen has bought a cool okkazie from Virgin hustler Richard Branson.

Branson apparently needs some money quickly, so our Max was able to take over his Dassault Falcon 900 EX for a low price. However, according to the experts of the podcast, it is still tens of millions. But Max may be able to reduce parking costs by parking at Red Bulls Hangar-7…


Anyway, we are curious whether MV33 will also become a real Flying Dutchman and take control of the control stick itself. With his epic skills he can then fly faster than his plane normally allows and overtake an F-35. Whose deed.


  1. grass eater says

    Anyone have any idea what such a plane costs per year? Imagine you fly once a month. Crew, maintenance, storage and so on.

    • jensoffbutton says

      between 1 and 2 million euros.

      But usually such devices are not only used by the owner but also by the entourage / partners /… or they are often also managed by private jet service companies that use them for other things.


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Max Verstappen buys a muddy private jet

Max Emilian Verstappen is once again following in the footsteps of F1 greats. This time by buying his own private jet. Life has a...

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