Mercedes-AMG A45S is bizarre fast on the “Ring

Mercedes-AMG A45S

The Mercedes-AMG A45S is not only a fast car in a straight line.

We knew that the Mercedes-AMG A45S is a bizarre fast car. During the driving test of the Mercedes-AMG A45S, it was striking how bumpy this car is goes crazy. Whether it’s acceleration from a standstill or popping over the Autobahn, the A45S is very fast.

Now acceleration times and top speeds are nice and nice, but it’s also a bit simple. Give a car more power and the car will go faster. Easy. That is one of the reasons why those times at the Nürburgring are so interesting. It gives a good indication over multiple disciplines that a car has mastered, not just the forward drive.

Mercedes-AMG A45S

8 minutes

Not so long ago, a time under 8 minutes on the Nordschliefe was seriously fast. Cars like the Jaguar XJ220, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Porsche 911 GT3 managed to dive under 8 minutes. Many supercars did not even succeed. So what will the Mercedes-AMG Do A45S on the “Ring, do you think?

Mercedes-AMG A45S

7: 48.8

Well, Christian Gebhardt of the German Sport Auto was going to find out. He put down a time of: 7: 48.8. Yes, a time of significantly less than 8 minutes. That is a very good time. The beauty of the times of Sport Auto is that you can compare them somewhat.

Mercedes-AMG A45S

Sport Car

With factory measurements only the fastest time counts. Often a car is on different tires, with different seats and the driver drives as if his life depends on it. In the case of the German Sport Auto, the cars simply have to be returned to the importer at the end. Also there are only a few laps driven: after the Tourist facilities may they try a round or two or three. So they don’t have days to wait for a peak time.

Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R.

Incidentally, the A45S was on a serious set of tires: Pirelli P Zero Trofeo Rs. The A45S also had a small error message at the end of the ride. The average mortal had felt the space in his underpants with lunch, but Christian only says “Scheisse”. It turned out to be a minor safety issue from the transmission.

You can watch the flashy round below:


  1. Fork5 says

    Still 8 slower than a Megane with 120 hp less (ok that Megane no longer has a back seat: P).

  2. grass eater says

    That is an AMG badge that really means something, in contrast to a GLA 1.6 with AMG package. Great achievement!

    • v60germany says

      @grassvreter: No, but with your M package or S-line package you drive the nettles off the roadside … with a 2-second time saving.
      Packages must have a name.

      It is quite a difference whether the AMG is literally in the characterization, so it is. Equivalent to M2 or (R) S3.

  3. pivavar says

    5 sec slower than a Civic Type R. Must be a very mediocre chassis / chassis.

    • cisn says

      @pivavar: Civic was tested by Honda with roll cage and without rear seat, infotainment,…

  4. p964cup says

    Same time as an M3 CSL of 17 !!! Year ago

  5. luckylennart says

    Haha lol closes really fast, with 260 in the corner, I think he goes airborne and switches the gearbox to his son N. W

  6. toyotafortuner says

    Very fast wet farts!

  7. Jochempie says

    So say, four seconds faster than a Leon Cupra from a few years ago with 290 hp.

  8. roberto says

    Recently I passed an A35 Limousine, such a shame that MB has not performed it in A45 trim ..


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