Mercedes-AMG enters new test phase Project One

After more than three and a half years, Mercedes-AMG is still busy with the test work of its extreme Project One. The developers now let you know that they have reached a new test phase.

At the end of June, new photos from our own spy photographer already made it clear that Mercedes-Benz was busy with the further development of its Project One: a hypercar that strongly relies on F1 technology. The brand is now introducing an update itself and announces that the project leaders have given the go-ahead for the first time to use the entire powertrain during test kilometers. The ‘One’ gets a complicated hybrid powertrain with an output of ‘more than 1,000 hp’. Previously, the electrified portion of the drivetrain failed to materialize during the testing phase.

This implies that Mercedes-AMG is taking significant steps in the development of the hypercar. That is allowed to say the least, because already during the IAA in 2017 a forerunner of the One was shown to the public. Due to the use of F1 technology in this road-legal car, development takes longer than previously predicted. The One should have been delivered long ago, but according to the latest developments, Mercedes-AMG is aiming for the market introduction next year.

Interested parties had to deposit € 2.7 million for the One. We deliberately speak in the past, because all 275 copies would already be forgiven according to British media. Since all these 275 customers have to wait (much) longer for their One, Mercedes recently came up with a remarkable offer. They can order a P One Edition version of the AMG GT Black Series for just € 50,000 extra. An almost laughable amount, considering the base price for a ‘regular’ Black Series is already € 335,240. You have to do something to pass the time …

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