Mercedes-AMG GT 73 officially on the screen for the first time

Mercedes-AMG GT 73 officially on the screen for the first time

That is a nice start in the morning. Here is the Mercedes-AMG GT 73 on your screen! The final piece for the AMG GT series.

Whoever thought the Black Series would be over was wrong. The AMG GT 73 must be the dessert of the AMG GT series. With the introduction of the AMG GT they took a good look in Affalterbach Porsche with the 911. Thinking up a lot of variants on a car and every time a bit cooler.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT 73 must be the superlative. A word has been said about the specifications and powertrain. We do get to see a first look at the appearance. The butt is unfortunately still a secret, but we do see the expected and new E-Performance badge from AMG.

Mercedes-AMG GT 73

Mercedes-AMG GT 73

Because the Mercedes-AMG GT 73 must as far as is known a bizarre (plug-in) hybrid. The 4.0-liter V8 with two turbos also gets help from an electric motor and battery pack. If you know that the Black Series already delivers 760 horsepower without all that help, you can see what this GT 73 should do.

Mercedes-AMG GT 73

With the expected powertrain, the Mercedes-AMG GT 73 can become even more interesting for Dutch buyers. With a plug-in hybrid, the car is cleaner and so the BPM is a lot lower. In theory it could just be that the AMG GT 63 S and the AMG GT 73 will not differ much from each other in terms of price. And with the GT 73 you have a much heavier package with reportedly more than 800 hp.

Now that the appearance has been partially shown, you can understand that it will not be much different. A giveaway appears to be a static spoiler on the back. In any case, it will be a cannon that you can simply drive to customers. Too bad you no longer get a 7% addition for a plug-in hybrid. Those good old days.

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