Mercedes-Benz on the road with EQA and EQS

Mercedes-Benz is preparing the fully electric EQA and EQS for their debut next year. The electrical equivalents of the GLA and S class respectively are put to the test.

The fully electrically powered Mercedes-Benz EQA and EQS are both making their appearance in the new year. The EQA is broadly a GLA with an electric powertrain and some exterior changes (such as EQC and GLC), the EQS is a completely new electric model that will operate in the top alongside the S-class. Two different visions, two extremes of the model range, but both electric. Mercedes sent them both to test roads in Immendingen, where no fewer than 30 different road conditions can be tested.

Besides some interesting images of an EQA wading through a bowl of water and an EQS crossing a bumpy road, it mainly provides a detailed look at both cars. As mentioned, the EQA is largely a GLA in terms of appearance, so a look at the EQS is especially interesting. Although everything is well packed, it is clear that it will be a completely different story than the S-class. The EQS is a fairly low and stretched four-door and therefore looks a lot more dynamic than its conventional brother. Not surprising when you consider that the EQS with an output of roughly 500 horsepower is undoubtedly bloody fast. Mercedes recently revealed that it should also be able to travel up to 700 km on one battery charge. The fact that it must be the electric alternative to the S-class, of course also means that you can expect the latest technology in terms of autonomous driving, infotainment, safety and luxury.

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